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Advanced Chinese Medicine Tutorial

Part One Outline
Chapter One The Relationship of Formnlae to Syndrome Differentiation
and the Establishment of Therapies

Chapter Two Design of Formula
Chapter Three Classification of Formulae
Chapter Four Preparations of Formulas
Chapter Five Administration of the Formulae

Part Two Elaboration
Chapter One Exterior Relieving Formulae
Chapter Two Purgative Formulae
Chapter Three Digestant Formulae
Chapter Four Mediative Formulae
Chapter Five Heat-Clearing Formulae
Chapter Six Interior-Warming Formulae
Chapter Seven Tonic Formulae
Chapter Eight Astringent Fomulae
Chapter Nine Sedative Formulae
Chapter Ten Formulae for Resuscitation
Chapter Eleven Formulae for Regulating Qi
Chapter Twelve Formulae for Regulating Blood
Chapter Thirteen Formulae of Eliminating Dampness and

Chapter Fourteen Formulae for Eliminating Phlegrm
Chapter Fifteen Formulae for Wind
Chapter Sixteen Formulae for Dryness
Chapter Seventeen Parasite Expelling Formulae
Chapter Eighteen Emetic Formulae

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