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Creat Antiphlogistic,
Anti-inflammatory Tablet

Creat plant also known as Yijianxi, Lanhelian, Creyat Root, Halviva, Kariyat, Green Chiretta, Kreat, Andrographis paniculata and Wanbingcao is antibacterial, relieves inflammation and clears away toxic materials.

Intensive Creat Antiphlogistic / anti-inflammatory tablet subdues swelling, relieves pain, and has antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Intensive Creat Antiphlogistic / anti-inflammatory tablet
Creat Antiphlogistic / Anti-inflammatory 100 tablets, out of stock

It is a commonly known as longevity tonic and antiphlogistic.

Acute dysentery, upper respiratory tract infection and viral infection, acute gastroenteritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculous pleurisy, tuberculosis of lymph nodes.

Chin cough, mumps, acute and chronic tonsillitis, bronchopneumonia, acute and chronic urethral infections, traumatic infection, sore, furuncle, pyogenic infections, snake and insect bite, infectious pneumonia, cough due to the lung heat, laryngopharyngitis and otitis media suppurativa.

Effective as antipyretic, anti-diarrheic, anti-dysenteric, antiperiodic; and
Expectorant, depurative, soporific, anthelmintic;
Treatment of tonsillitis and diseases in the windpipe and the alimentary canal;
Cooling, laxative, digestive;
Useful in hyperdispsia, buring sensation, wounds, ulcers, chronic fever, malarial and intermittent fevers, inflammations, cough, bronchitis, skin diseases, leprosy, colic, flatulence, diarrhoea, dysentery, hemorrhoids.

Creat lactone, Creat glycoside, Alcaloid, Coumarin, Organic acid.

Dosage and Administration:4 tablets 2-3 times a day.

Produced by Guangdong, China

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