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Hemorrhoid Cure Kit

Highly effective hemorrhoids cure kit – includes Zhi De Xiao for internal use and XiaoZhi RuanGao for external use.

Are you sick of the itching, burning, pain, swelling, or bleeding down there?

So our Hemorrhoids Treatment Kit – Chinese natural herbal remedies is right for you.

Hemorrhoids are commonly occurring after the age of 30, and affect more than half of US population at some point in their lives.

Hemorrhoids Cure Kit
The kit includes 4 syringes with ointment for external and 60 tablets for internal use. $29.95

The Hemorrhoids Cure Kit includes XiaoZhi RuanGao - 4 syringes containing the ointment for external use and Zhi De Xiao 60 tablets for internal intake.

The kit has been clinically proven to be effective in curing hemorrhoids.

XiaoZhi RuanGao
OTC over the counter, 2 syringes containing the ointment.

Used to relief pain of light-bleeding external hemorrhoid and internal hemorrhoid. It is anti-inflammatory, pain reliving and calming ointment that easy to use.

Use warm water to clean the affected area, for internal hemorrhoid, put the paste slowly into anus by injection head; for external hemorrhoid, spread the paste evenly on the affected part, 2.5g each time, 2 times daily. Cover the affected area with clean bandage.

Medicinal Ingredients:
Hydrargyri Oxydum Rubrum 0.28 %,
Radix Sanguisorbae 6 %,
Borneolum Syntheticum 0.5 %.
Non-medicinal Ingredients:
White Vaseline, Lanolin

Properties: Dark-brown paste

Do not take acrid and spicy food during treatment.

1) Do not take acrid, spicy or oily food.
2) Not for pregnant women.
3) External use, not to be ingested.
4) Use with caution if you have anaphylaxis.
5) This product is for light-bleeding, swelling and pain hemorrhoid.
Not for those with heavy-bleeding and prolapsed hemorrhoid.
6) Stop using if the properties changed.
7) Keep out of reach of children.
8) Consult a health practitioner if you are taking other drugs.

Side Effect:
Stop using if allergy skin appears.

2.5g x 2 /pvc tube
The kit include 2 packs (4 tubes/syringes).

Zhi De Xiao has anti-inflammatory qualities and soothing ability for the pain associated with hemorrhoids.
This herbal remedy is of the highest quality to ensure fast, long lasting relief. It has no reported side effects or drug interactions. Bring fast effective relief with this soothing, anti-inflammatory herbal formula.

Zhi De Xiao will:
• Stop bleeding
• Relieve pain
• Shrink hemorrhoids
• Stop itching
• Help dissolve existing blood clots
• Promotes better blood flow

Ingredients of Zhi De Xiao are:
Radix Sangulsorbae 96.88mg
Radix Ampelopsis 94.72mg
Herba Selaginellae 94.72mg
Flos Sophorae 94.72mg
Galla Chinensis 18.96mg

Use to stop pain, bleeding and itching and astringing hemorrhoids.
Suitable for internal and external hemorrhoids.

Each time 3 tablets, 3 times a day.

400mg/tablet 60 tabs/bottle.

Caution: During medication, abstain from liquor, chillie deep-fried and hot foodstuff.

Order the kit now and say goodbye to your pain!


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