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Menopause Ease

Memopause Ease (Geng Nian An Kang Pian) is developed for female Menopause Syndrome, using pure natural herbs, modified from traditional formulas by famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors in Beijing.

After many serious clinical trials in large hospitals, it’s been stated in “China Basic Medicine Menu” and be sold under the government-paid health care system and also by large hospitals in China.

Fast and effective, it works better than famous Kun Bao Wan.

Many women get positive effect within half month. After one to two month of usage most symptoms are decreased or gone.

Menopause ease
Menopause Ease, 48 tablets $6.95/box.
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Stated by many large hospitals, this is the best medicine for female menopause syndrome.

Memopause Ease (Geng Nian An Kang Pian) is 100% pure natural and has no any known side effects.

The function of this remedy is resolving stagnation for tranquilization, promoting blood circulation for removing obstruction in collaterals. Mainly used for female menopause syndromes such as menstruation disorder, dryness-heat and sweating, insomnia and amnesia, easily get anger, dizziness and ear ringing, dry throat and thirsty, sour and painful of limbs and joints.


4 tablets, twice daily.


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