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Chapter Fifteen Formulae for Wind

Formulae for wind are mainly composed of herbs which have the effects of dispelling wind with their pangent flavors and stopping wind to relieve convulsion. They all have the curative effect of expelling exogenous wind and stopping endogenous wind and they are used to treat diseases due to wind attack.
The scope of wind diseases is very wide and the changes of disease conditions are varied. But to he summed up, it can be divided into “exogenous wind diseases” and “endogenous wind diseases”. The exogenous wind diseases refer to that the wind evil attacks the human budy and stays in muscles, meridians, tendons, hones and joints, and then leads to symptons of headache, aversion to wind, cutaneoos itch, numbness of limbs, spasmodic pain of tendons and hones, stiffness of joints, or wry mooth with distorted eyes, even opisthotonus. The wind evil is regarded as the main cause for major diseases and it is easy for wind to combine with cold, dampness, dryness and heat evils. So the types of syndromes can be divided into wind-heat, wind dampness, wind cold and so on. In addition, tetanus eoosed by poisonous wind evil entering meridians throogh wounded skin is also classified into the category of exogenous wind diseases. The eodogenoos wind diseases are mostly resulted from visceral dysfunetions, especially closely related to the liver and the kidney. There are several main pathological mechanisms for endogenous wind diseases such as extremely heat causing wind, upwards disturbance of the liver wind, yin deficiency producing endogenous wind and blood deficiency leading to endogenous wind, etc. The common clinical symptoms are vertigo, tremor, spasm of limbs, disability of feet, aphasia or blurred speech, or sudden syneope with unconsciousness, deviation of mouth and eyes, hemiplegia and so on. For the treatment, the exogenous wind should he expelled and the endogeoous wind should be stopped. Therefore, formulae for wind are divided into some for expelling exogenous wind amid some for stopping endogenous wind.
The wind diseases are complicated and changeable, so whenever applying forniulae for wind, it is necessary to discern the endogenoos or exogenous category, and to distinguish the types of cold, heat, deficiency and excess. For the exogenous wiod, it can only be dispelled but not be stopped, and for the endugenous wind it can only be stopped but not be dispelled with pungent-flavored herbs. As for wind
evil complicated by cold, beat, dampness or phlegni, the corresponding therapies, such as dispelling cold, clearing away heat, resolving dampness or resolving phlegm, should be used simultaneously. In addition, the exogenous wind and en dogenous wind can affect each other. The endogenoos wind can be induced by the exogenous wind which, on the contrary, can also be complicated by the endogenous wind. So it is obviously important to modify formulae flexibly according to these changeable conditions in cliuic.
Section 1 Formulae for Dispelling Exogenous Wind
Formulae for dispelling the exogenous wind are suitable to various diseases caused by the exogenous wind. It is very easy for the wind evil to attack the human body by taking the chance of geuuine-qi insufficiency and of the loose interstitial space, and it thus leads to wind diseases. Because there is difference in light arid heavy attack, and in strong or weak constitution, the syndromes caused by wind evil are different, too. For the exterior syndrome, it should be treated with exterior relieving formulae (seen in chapter one). The exogenous wind diseases discussed in this section are those manifested by headache, vertigo, rashes, aching pain of limbs, numbness of limbs, stiffness of joints, wry mouth with distorted eyes, aphasia or blurred speech, end those symptoms due to tetanus such as lockjaw, spasm of limbs and apisthotonus. They should be treated by therapy of dispelling exogenous wind and the formulae are mainly composed of these commonly used herbs such as sehizonepeta, ledehouriella rout, ehuanxiong rhizome large leaf gentien root, notopterygium root, pubescent angeliea root, white mustard seed, an saeme tuber and so on.
If the wind evil is transformed into heat, a combination with seotellaria root, gypsum and rehmannia root to clear away heat and ta cool blood is necessary; if the wind evil injures the yin-blood, Chinese engelica root, white peony root and prepared rehmannia rout should be used to noorish blood for moistening dryness; for the severe spasm of limbs, scorpion and gentipede can be chosen to expel wind for relieving spasm; for wind complicated by cold evil, siehuan aeonite ront, wild aeonite root, prepared aconite lateral root and cinnamon bark should be osed to warm meridians for dispelling cold. The representative formulae are Major Large Leaf Gantian Deeoetion, Wind Dispelling Powder, Tea-Blended Ligostieum Pow der, Wry Face Powder, Minor Collateral Activating Pellets, ate.
Wind-Dispelling Powder
xião fing san
SOURCE: Orthodox Manual of surgery
Chinese angelica root 3g
Rehmannia root 3g
Ledehouriella root 3g
Cicada slough 3g
Anemarrhena rhizome 3g
F’lavcsccnt sophora root 3g
Sesame seed 3g
Schizuuepeta 3g
Atractylodes rhizome 3g
Aretium fruit 3g
Gypsum 3g
Licorice 2g
Akebia stem 2g
DIRECTIONS:Decoct the ahove herbs iu water for orrl administration.
EFFECTS: Dispelling wind, clearing away heat and removing dampness to re lieve itching.
INDICATIONS: Rubella and eczema manifested by cutaneous red rashes or cloudy maculae all over the body with itching and oozing liquid if scratching them, white or yellow coating, floating, rapid and forceful pulse
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a common formula for treating rubella and eczema. As the main herbs, schizonepeta, ledebouriella root, arctium froit and cicada slough dispel the exterior wind to promote eruptitui arid stop iteching. As the assistant herbs, atractylodes rhizom dispels wind and removes dampness; fla vesceut sophora root clears away heat and dries dampuess; akebia stem removes damp-heat; gypsum and anemarrhena rhizome clear away heat and purge fire. Because it is easy for wind evil to injure the yin blood, Chinese angeliea root, reh mannia root and sesame seed are eombiued to nourish and activate blood and replenish yin for moistening dryness. They act as the adjuvant herbs. Licorice, as the dispatcher herb, can clear away heat and poison as well as harmonizing all the components.
In clinical application, honeysuckle flower and forsythia fruit are added to dis
pel wind and to clear away heat and poison for case with severe wind heat; broom cypress froit and plantain seed are added to clear away damp-heat for case with exoherant damp-heat; red peony root and purple gromwell root are added to clear away heat and to cool blood for ease with exuberant heat in the blood phase. It is forbidden for patient to eat pungent food, fish, to smoke and to drink liquor and strong tea when taking this deeoetion.
Wry Facc Powder
qiãn zhêng san
SOURCE:Yang’s Formulae Handed Down by Family
Giant typhonium tuber
Batryticated silkworm
(With equal dose respectively)
DIRECTIONS: Grind the above herbs into fine powder and take 3 gram of this powder with warm wine each time. Or deeoet the above herbs for oral aclrnio istration in proper dose.
EFFECTS:Expelling wind and resolving phlegm to relieve spasm.
INDICATIONS:Wind-attack marked by wry mouth and distorted eyes.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a common formula for treating wind-attacked syndrome marked by facial paralysis with wry mouth and distorted eyes. Being pungent flavor and hot nature, giant typhoniom tuber expels wind and resolves phlegm and it is good at dispelling the focial wind. Both batryticated silkworm and scorpion can expel wind to relieve spasm, of which batryticaied silk worm also has the effect of resolving phlegm while scorpion specializes in clearing the collaterals. The combination of these three herbs has powerful and specific effects. The warm wine can activate the blood vessels as well as guide herbs into collaterals where are the location of disease.
Giant typhoniom tuber has the partial property of warmth and dryness, so it is more suitable to the cold type of wind-phlegm. This formula is contraindicated to wry mouth and distorted eyes or hemiplcgia doe to qi deficiency with blood stagnation or doe to stirring up of the liver wind. Besides, it shoold be cautious to ose giant typhoniom tuber and scorpion bccaosc they are poisonous.
Yuzhen Powder
yà then san
SOURCE: Orthodox Manual of Surgey
Arisaema tuber
Ledehouriella toot
Dahurian angelice root
Gastrodia tuber
Notopterygiun root
Giant typhonium tuber
(With equal dosage respectively)
DIRECTIONS:Dccoct the above herbs in water for oral administration,
EFFECTS:Expefliug wind and resolving phlegm to relieve spasm arid pain.
INDICATIONS:Tetanus marked by lockjaw, stiff budy curl opisthotonus; or traumatic injuries.
INDICATIONS: Tetanus marked by lockjaw, stiff body arid opisthotunus; or traumatic injuries.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: it is a common formula for treating tetanus. Gi ant typhonium tuber is to dry dam pness, to resolve phlegm and to expel wind for relieving spasm and it is good at expelling the facial wind; eriseema tuber is to cx pel wind and to resolve phlegm and it specializes in clearing away the wind phlegm in meridians. They act as the main herbs together. As the assistant and adjuvant herbs, notopterygiumn root, ledcbuuriella root and dahurian angelica root can dispel the wind evil from meridians; gastrodia tuber can calm the liver wind to relieve spasm. ln this formula, dispelling wind is fur treating the “root” while relieving spasm is for treating the “branch”. So it is a formula for treating huth the branch” and the “root”.
Tea-Blended Ligusticum Powder
chuan xidng chá hay san
SOURCE: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary
Chuanxiong rhizome 12g
Schizonepeta i 2 g
Dahurian angelica root 6g
Notopterygiom root 6g
Roasted licorice t3g
Asarom herb 3g
Ledebouriella root 4. Sg
Peppermint 2. 4g
Tea 3g
Dll{ECTIONS:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral edmioistretjon.
EFFECT:Dispelling wind to relieve pain.
INDICATIONS:Exogenoos attack of wind manifested by headache, migraine, or perietal headache, aversion to cold, fever, vertigo, stuffy nose, thin and white coating, floating pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a key formula for treating headache due to wind evil. Choanxinng rhizome is good at treating headache of the Shaoyang and JoeS’in Meridiens (i. e. parietal headache or ernphierenia) ; notopterygiiim root is good at treating headache of the Taiyang Meridian (i. e. oceipit headeehe involving nape) ; dehurian angeliea root is good at treating headache of the Yangming Meridian (i.e. frontal headache). They all act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, asarum herb is to dispel cold for stopping pain and it is good at treating headache of the Shaoyin Meridian; peppermint can refresh the head and disperse wind-heat; sehizonepeta and ledebooriella rout eon dispel the upper wind. They help the main herbs strengthen the effect of dispelling wind to stop pain and also relieve thu exterior. Licorice is to harmonize all the cnmpanents;With bitter flavor and cold nature, tea is to refresh the head and restrict the properties of warmth, dryness and dispersion possessed by the wind-herbs. Both of them act as the adjo vant and dispatcher herbs.
This formula can be applied to headache doe to either wind cold or wind- heat. Ilowover, most of the herbs in this formula are to dispel wind and cold and to release the exterior with their pungent flavors and warm natures, it is more suitable to headache caused by oxogenoos cold. Especially, to wind headache, proper modifications are based on the different conditions of cold or heat.
Minor Collatera-Activatiog Pellets
xido huó mo dan
SOURCE:Formulaa of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary
Siehuan aeontio root IbOg
* 312
Wild aconite root I Bog
Earthworm 180g
Arisaema tuber iBOg
Fraokioceose BOg
Myrrh 60g
DIRECTIONS:Grind the above herbs into fine powder, then mix with honey to make into the form of pellet. Each pellet should weight 3 gram and one pellet is taken with long-stored wine or warm water each time twice a day.
EFFECTS: Expelling wind and dampness, resolving phlegm in clear the cal- laterals, activating blood to stop pain.
INDICAT1ONS:Stagnatian of wind, cold arid dampness evils in the meridians manifested by spasmodic pain of limbs, stiff joints with wandering pain, and prolonged numbness of limbs due to wind attack, or tired waist and legs or painful extremities due to dampness, phlegm or stagnated blood in the meridians.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:This is a common formula for treating stagnation of wind, cold and dampness evils in the meridians, Being pungent flavor and warm nature, both sichuan acanite root and wild aconitc root can expel wind and dampness for clearing the meridians. They as the main herbs have strong effect of stop ping pain Arisaema tuber as the assistant herb can dry dampness and resolve phlegm to clear phlegm and dampness from the meridians as well as to stop pain. Frankincense and myrrh as the adjovant herbs can promote flow of qi and blood to resolve the stagnated blood in collaterals. Earthworm clears the meridians; long stored wine strengthens the medicinal power. They act as the dispatcher herbs to guide all the cornjionents into meridians and callaterals where the disease is devel oping.
This formula has powerful effects, so it is suitable to patient with a strong costitutian. It should he contraindicated ta cases nf yin deficiency with heat evil or pregnant women
Section 2 Formulae for Stopping Endogenous Wind
Farmolne for stopping the endogenans wind are suitable to endogcnous wind diseases which are due to tIre internal visceral disorders. Because their clinical manifestations are similar to those of exogenous wind attack, they arc named “the endagennus wind diseases” . There are very cnrnplicated pathological mechanisms. The exuberant yang evil or extreme heat can lead ta endagenous wind diseases
marked by high fever, coma, spasm of limbs, whieb should be treated with therapy of clearing away beat to stop wind. The commonly used herbs are antelope’s born, oncaria stem with hooks, gastrodia tuber, abalone shell and so on. The hyperactivity of the liver yang can also bring about stir of the liver wind manifested by verti go, feverish pain of chest, facial flush, or sodden syncope with wry mouth ond eyes, hemiplegie, etc. , which should be treated with therapy of soothing the liver to stop wind. The formolee ore commonly composed of dragon’s hooe, oyster shell, eehyrenthes root and so on, Exhaustion of the genoioe yin due to persistent warm evil can resolt in stir of deficient wind characterized by moscle spasm, twitch of linihs, tired mind and feeble pulse, which shoold he treated with therapy of noorishing yin to stop wind. The commonly used herbs are rehmannia root, white peony root, donkey hide gelatin, yolk and so on. Floating of the deficient yang doe to exhaustion of the lower jioo with upward flood of phlegm eon ceose aphasia and paralysis, which should be treeted with therapies of warming end tonifying the lower jioo and resolving phlegm to open orifice. The main herbs in eom mon use are prepared rehmennie root, dogwood froit, deaertliving cistanche, morinda root, end so on.
If phlegm is doe to exuberant heat which scorches the fluid into phlegm, then fritillary bulb, hemboo shavings can he osed together to clear away heat end to re solve phlegm. If heot disturbs the heart—spirit marked by arnothery restlessniess, poria with hostwood, fleece flower stem should he added to tranquilize the mind. For the hyperactivity of the liver fire, gentian root, cepejasmine fruit and acute1— lane root can be osed together to clear owey heat end fire. The forniolee for soothing the liver to stop wind is osoally used together with siehoen ehineberry, orieo tal wormwood end germinated barley to regulate the liver qi and lower the liveryang. For consumption of the genoine-yin doe to persistent warm evil, ophiopogon root, asparagos root, serophularie root, achisendre froit, tortoise plestroo and fresh water turtle shell are osoally added to the formola to nourish yin for subduing yang. The representotive formulas ore Antelope’s Horn and Uncorie Stem Dc coction, Liver Soothing and Wind Stopping Deeoction, Donkey-Hide Gelatin cod Yolk Decoetion, Rehmannia Decoctioo,etc.
Antelop’a horn and Uncaria Stem Decoction
lIngjido goü téng tang
SOURCE:Populer Treatise on Cold-Attack
Antelope’s born 4. 5g (to be deeneted prior)
Molberry leaf 6g
Fritillery bulb 12g
Rebmannia root 15g
Unearia stem with hooks 9g(to he decocted posteriorly)
Chrysanthemum flower 9g
Foria with bosrwood 9g
White peony root 9g
Licorice 2. 5g
Bamboo shavings 15g
DIRECTIONS:Deeoet the above herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS:Cooling the liver to stop wind, promoting generation of the body fluid to release tendons.
INDICATIONS:Convulsion or syneope doe to the extreme heat of the Liver Meridian marked by high fever, smothery restlessness, spasm of limbs, or even coma, cnn son dry tongue or prickled tongue, taut and rapid pulse.
ANALYSTS OF FORMULA:This is a representative formula for treating wind syndrome caused by extreme heat. As the main herbs, antelope’s horn and unearia stem with hooks can cool the liver to stop wind and clear away heat to relieve spasm, Acting ss the assistant herbs, mulberry leaf and chrysanthemom flower strengthen the effect of stepping wind. White peony root and rehmannie root can replenish yin to gentle the liver and to release tendons. Its ennxbinatinn with antelop’s horn and unearia stem with hooks, can treat both the “branch” and the “met”. It is easy for the exuberant heat to scorch the body fluid into phlegm, so fritillery bulb and bamboo shavings are used simultaneously to clear away heat and phlegm; poria with hostwoed is used to calm the liver and. the heart for tranquilizing the mind because heat evil disturbs the heart. They oil set as the adjovent herbs. Licorice, as the dispatcher, is to harmonize all the components as well as releasing tendons for relieving spasm by combination with white penny root.
Liver-Subduing and Wind-Stopping Decoetion
zhên gãn xi fëng tang
SOURCE:Integrstinn of Chinese end Western Medicine
Aehyronthes root 30g
Red ochre 30g
Dragon’s bone 15g
Oyster shell l5g
Tortoise plastrun 15g
White peony root 15g
Scrophularia root f5g
Asparagos root 15g
Sichoan chinaberry 6g
Germinated barley 6g
Oriental wormwood 6g
Licorice 4. 5g
DIRECTIONS:Decoct the above herbs ip water for oral administration.
EFFECTS: Subdoing the liver to stop wind, noorishing yin to calm yang
INDICATIONS: Hyperactivity of the liver yang with stirring op of the liver wind manifested by vertigo, tensioa of eyes, tinnjtus, feverish pain and anxiety of the chest, drunk-like complexion, belching, or gradually stiff of limbs, and grado ally wrying of mouth, or even syncope, long and forceful poise.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:This is a good formula for subduing the liver and stopping wind. Achyranthes root, having its tropism of the Liver and Kidney Me ridiaos,acting as the main herb,can hring hlood downward and tonify hoib the liver and kidney. As the assistant herbs, red ocher, dragon’s hone and oyster shell lower the rebellious yang-qi and subdue the liver to stop wind. Tortoise piastron, scrophularia root, asparagus root and white peony root can nourish the yin-fluid to restrict yang; oriental wormwood, sichoan chinaberry and germinated barley can soothe the stagnated hver-qi; licorice can harmonize all the components and the stomach. They all act as the adjuvant and dispatcher herhs.
Modifications in the original book: For the severe feverish sensation of the chest,adding gypsum 30g; for abundant expectoration, adding arisaema taher t3g; for case with feeble pulse at the “clu” portion, adding prepared rehmannia root 24g and dogwood froit 15g; for case with loose stool, removing tortoise plastron and red ocher, adding red halloysite 30g.
Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction
tiJn ma goü téng yin
SOURCE:New Discussion on the Syndromes and Treatment of Miscellaneous Diseases
()astrodia tuber 9g
Uncaria stool with hooks 12g(to he decocted last)
Abalone shell 18g (to he decoeted first)
Capejasmine fruit 9g
Scutellaria root 9g
Eucommia bark 9g
Cyalhola root 12g
Motherwort 9g
Loranthos mulberry mistletoe I 2g
Fleece-flower stem 9g
Vroia with hostwood 9g
DHIECTIONS:Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS: Subduing the liver to stop wind, clearing away heat and activating blood, tonifying both the liver and kidney.
INDICATIONS: Hyperactivity of the liver yang with upward rebellion of the liver wind marked by headache, vertigo and insomnia.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:This is a good formula for treating headache, ver tigo and insomia due to the rebellious liver-yang. Acting as the main herbs, gastrodie tuber, uncaria stem with buoks and abalon shell all have the effects of sobdu ing the liver to stop wind. As the assistant herbs, capejasmine fruit and scuiellaria root clear away heat aod fire so as to prevent the hyperactivity of the liver-yang. Mat herwort is to activate blood and to promote urination; cyathula root induces blood downward as well as tonifying the liver and kidney by combinotion wirh cii commie bark and 1oranhus mulberry mistlctoc;flecce-flower stem and poria with hostwoad calms the mind. They all act as the adjuvant and dispatcher herbs. For the severe ease, antelope’s horn could be added.
Major Wind-Stopping Decoetion
dâ ding flag zhu
SOURCE:Differentiation on Warm-Diseases Item by Item
While peony root 18g
Donkey-hide gelatio 9g
Tortoise plastron 12g
Rehmanoia root 18g
Flemp seed 6g
Schisandra fruit 6g
Oyster shell 12g
Ophiopogno root l8g
Roasted licorice 12g
Yolk 2 pes.
Fresh-water trurle shell 12g
DIRECTIONS: Decoct the above herbs in water for oral administration with the exceptioo of yolk which should be mixed in the decoetion after being prepared.
EFFECT:Nourishing yin to stop wind.
INDICATIONS: Chronic warm evil burning the genuine yin in warm diseases or heavy injury of the yin-fluid due to erroneous application of diaphoresis or purgation marked by apathia, twitch of limbs, feeble pulse, crimson tongue with less coating, or faint.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:This formula is derived from the Modified Pulse- Recovering Decoction (composed uf ruasted licorice, rebmannia rout, white peony runt, uphiupogon root, donkey hide gelatin and hemp seed) in Differentiation on Warm-Diseases Item he Item. it is a common one for nourishing yin to stop wind. That the formula far nourishing yin to recover the pulse is transformed into thp formula for nourishing yin to stop wind is accomplished by means of adding herbs for nourishing yin in calm yang such as yolk, schisandra fruit, tortoise plastrnn, fresh water turtle shell and oyster shell in ease of more severe consumption of yin due to chronic heat-evil. As the main herbs, yolk and donkey-hide gelatin can replenish the yin—fluid tu stop the endogennus wind. Acting as the assistant herbs, rebmannia root, white peony root nourish yin to soothe the liver; tortoise plastron and fresh water turtle shell nourish yin to calm yang. Hemp seed can nourish yin to moisten dryness; oyster shell can subdue the liver tu calm yang; schisandra friut and roasted licorice can strengthen the effect of nourishing yin to stop wind by producing yin with the comination of their sour and sweet flavors. They are all the adjuvaot and dispatcher herbs.
The main points of syndrome differentiation for applying this formula in clinic are coma, twitch of limbs, feeble pulse, crimson tongue with less coating due to extreme consumption of the genuine yin with stirring of the deficient wind. It is nut advisable to apply this formula to ease with exuberant evil-qi even though the
yin fluid is deficient.
Rehmannia Decoction
di hndng yin zi
SOURCE: Formulae and Expositions
Prepared rehmannia root
Morinda root
Dogwood fruit
Dendrohium stem
Desertliving cistanche
Schisandra fruit
Cinnamon bark
White poria
Ophiopogon root
Prepared aconite lateral root
Grassleaved sweetfiag rhizooie
Polygala root
(With equal dose respectively)
DIRECTIONS:Decoct the above herbs in water with proper dose of fresh ginger, Chinese date and peppermint for oral adniinistratinn.
EFFECTS: Nourishing th kidney yin, tonifying the kidney yang, resolving phlegm to open orifice.
INDICATIONS: Aphasia and paralysis with dry mouth hot no desire for drink, deep, thread and feeble pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a key formula for treating aphasia and paral ysis.Prepared rehmannia root aod dogwood fruit can replenish the kidney—yin;de sertliving cistanche and morinda root can warm and tonify the kidney yang. They act as the main herbs. As the assistant herbs, prepared aconite lateral root, cinna mon bark warm the primordial yang to receive the floating yang ophiopogon root, dendrobiom stem and schisandra fruit nourish and astringe the yin-f bid. All the a- hove herbs can make yin tu match with yang. Grassleaved sweetflag rhizome and polygala rout, as the adjuvant herbs, can harmonize the heart and kidney as well as resolving phlegm to open orifice. Small amount of fresh ginger, Chinase date and peppermint act as the dispatcher herbs to harmonize the nutrient and defensive qi. Though this formula can treat both the upper and the lower, both the “branch”
arid the “root” , the emphasis is laid on the lower and the “toot”.
After all, this formula is warming and torufyiog, so it is not advisable to apply it to syndrome doe to hyperactivity of the liver yang.
In Summary
There arc totally 10 formulae for wind. Based no the difference of effects, they are divided into formulae fur dispelling exogenous wind and formulae for stopping endogenous wind.
1 Formulae for dispelling exogenous wind
Wind Dispelliog Powder is special for dispelling wind from muscles and electing away heat and dampoess, so it is the cummun formula for treating rubella und eczema. Tea-Blended Ligusticum Powder is nisirdy compused of herbs for releasing the exterior and expelling the wind which affects on the upper part so it can be applied to headache due to either wind-cold ur wind-heat. Both Wry Face Powder and Yuzhen Powder are good at expelbog wind and resolving phlegm. Owing to its vsnluge of dispelling head wind, the former is suitable to wry mouth and eyes due to wind phlegio stagnating in meridians, and the latter is suitable tu tetanus, for it is more effective to expel wind and relieve spasm. Minor Collateral Activating Pellets has the effects of warming meridians and activudug cullatorals to remove phlegm and stasis, so P is suitable to symptoms such as arthralgia, stiff joints due to wind, clod, and dampness attack or phlegm-damp, stagant blood sta ying in the meridians.
2, Formulae for stopping endogenous wind
All the Antelope’s horn and Uncaria Stein Decuction, Liver-Subduing and Wind Stopping Decoctiun ond Gastrudia and Uncaria Decoctiou can subdue the liver to stop wind. Among them, Antelupe’s Horn and Uncaria Stem Decoctioo ore more puwerful for clearing away heat and stopping wind, so it is suitable to wind syndrome due to extremely exuberant heat of the Liver Meridian; Liver-Subduing and Wind-Stopping Decoction ste superior to othersin subduing the liver to calm yaog arid to stop wmd, so it is usually applied to the liver-wind syndrome due to hyperactivity of the liver-yang; while Gastrodia and Uncaria Decuction possesses additional effects of clearing away heat, activating blood and calming the muiiid, so it is suiroble to headache, vertigo and iosomnia due to hyperactivity of the liver yang and opward rebelliun of the liver wind. Donkey Hide Gelatin and Yolk Decuctiun mainly nourishes the body fluid. Rchmannia Decoctiun is special far nour ishing the kidney-yin, tonifying the kidney yang and resulving phlegm to open on- fice, so it is good for treating aphasia and paralysis due to exhaustion of the 1ower jiao with upward flood of phlegm.

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