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Chapter Fourteen Formulae for Eliminating Phlegm

Those formulae which are mainly composed of phlegm-eliminating herbs, have the effects of removing the retention of phlegm and fluids and for the treat ment of vai’ious phlegm diseases are generally known as formulae for eliminating phlegni.
Both phlegm and fluid retention result from gathering of dampness. They are therefore attributable to the same category but share different names. Phlegm is turbid and thick, whilst fluid-retention is clear and dilute. Dampness originates from the spleen. That is why it is said: “The spleen is the sooree of phlegm for motion, while the long is the container of phlegm. “However, deficiency of the kidney fails to facilitate diuresis, flooding of water may also create phlegm. Hence, one should treat the “rnot”of phlegm formation in addition to eliminating phlegm. ‘I’ his chapter will mainly introduce the therapies of treating phlegm. The treat ment of fluid—ret cot ion will be discussed in the related chapters.
The formation of phlegm cnn result from numerous factors of internal injury and exogenous attack. For example, it can form from gathering dampness when the spleen fails to transport and transform water dampness. Evaporation of fluids con result in formation of phlegm when fire-heat is stagnared inside the hody. It can form from scorching fluids by deficiency fire because of lung-dryness and yin impairment. It can also form from water flooding when deficiency-yang of the spleen and kidney lead to impairment of transformative function of qi. Finally, phlegm can form from accumulation of fluids when attack of exogenous evils on the lung impairs function of dispersing and depurative descending.
When phlegm creates diseases, it goes, following the ascent and descent of qi, to the viscera internally, and to the meridians and collaterals, the tendons and bones externally, resulting in variety of symptoms. Clinical manifestations ore fre quently cough, asthma, dizziness, vertigo, vomiting, depressive psychosis and madness, phlegm nodule, and scrofula, etc.
There ore many forms uf phlegm: It may take form of damp-phlegm, heatphlegm, dry phlegm, cold-phlegm and wind phlegm on hoses of its nature. Fornni lac for eliminating phlegm can lie divided, in accordance with their indications, into five kinds: Formulae for drying dampness and resolving phlegm, formulae for
clearing away hcat and resolving phlegm, formolae for moistening dryness and re solving phlegm, formolae for warming and resolving cold phlegm and formolae for expelling wind and resolving phlegm.
Phlegm can go opward and downward along with flow of qi. Stagnation of qi may lead to accumulation of phlegm, while free flow of qi can resolve phlegm. Hence, herbs for regolating qi are often added to the phlegm-eliminating formulae to regolate qi and clear away phlegm. In a word, when applying phlegm elimina ting formolse, it shoold ha modified them on the basis of analyzing the “ root” of diseaes, distingoishing coldness and hear, deficiency and excess of diseases in na tore arid differentiating their mild, heavy, chronic and emergency condition.
Section 1 Formulae for Drying Dampness
and Resolving Phlegm
This kind of formolae is indicated for damp phlegm syndrome. Weakness of the spleen yang may eaose failore of the spleen in transportation and transformation. Retention of water-dampness will give rise to damp phlegm. Clinical manifes rations are white spotom with easy expectoration, stoffy chest, noosea, tireness, dizziness, palpitation, watery and greasy cooting of tongoe, moderate or taot polse. It shoold be treated hy the therapy of drying dampness and resolving phlegm. Pinellia tober, tangerine peel and erisoema with bile are osually chosen as principal herbs to constitute the formolee.
+ phlegm resolts from aeeomolation of dampness. Hence, pnris snd bighesd at raetylodes rhizome ore commonly added to the formula to strengthen the spleen and remove dampness in aim of treating the “root”of phlegm formation. For reten tion of phlegm end stagnation of qi, onriponed bitter orange or hitter orange shell, cyperos tober can be added to the formola to activate qi and resolve phlegm. For the ease accompanied by food retention, hawthorn froit, medicated leaven end germinated barley can be added to the formola to promote digestion of food end resolve phlegm. The representative formulae are Two Vintage Herbs Decoetion and Gallbladder Warming Decoetion.
Two Vintage Herbs Decoction
èr chén tang
SOURCE: Prescription of Peacefol Benevolent dispensary
Pinellia tuber 15g
Tangerine peel f5g
Poria 9g
Roasted licorice root 5g
DIRECTIONS: Add 3 grams of fresh ginger and a piece of black plum into the above formula and than decoct them in water fur oral administration.
EFFECTS:Drying dampness end resolving phlegm, regulating qi and harmn nizing the middle.
INDICATIONS: Syndrome of damp phlegm marked by cough with profuse white sputum expectorated easily, stuffy chest, nausea, vomiting, tireness, dizzi ness, palpitation, whitish and moist coating of tongue and slippery pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a main formula for treatment of damp phlegm Pinellia tuber in the formula being pungent in flavor and warm and dry in properties is used as a principal herb to strengthen the spleen and dry dampness, lower the adverse flaw of qi, resolve phlegm and harmonize the stomach to stop vomiting. Tangerine peel as an assistant herb, with effects of regulating qi and drying dampness, enables the qi to flow normally and gets the phlegm cleared. Acting as an adjuvant herb, poria strengthens the spleen and excretes dampness. When dampness is cleared, the spleen becomes healthy. Fresh ginger, being able to lower the adverse qi and resolve phlegm, not only reduce the toxic action of pine1- ha tuber, hnt also assist pinelhia tuber and tangerine peel in activating qi and remu ving phlegm, A little black plum is used tu usirioge the lung-qi, and the combine tion use of pinellia tuber and black plum produces the double effects of both dispersion and astringing. They are opposite and complementary each other, so that tu remove phlegm without impairment of the genuine qi. Roasted licorice root, as a dispatcher herb, coordinates the effects of the other herbs, moistens the lung and regulates the middle. The combination of the six herbs results in drying dampness, resolving phlegm, regulating qi and harmonizing the middle. It is better to use vintage pinellia tuber and vintage tangerine peel in the formula, thus named “Two vintage herbs”.
Today, it is usually used for chronic bronchitis, gastritis, Meoiere’s syndrome, neurogenic vomiting and other diseases manifested as damp phlegm syndrome in clinical practice.
(1) Phlegm Conducting Decoctiou(dào tan tang)

SOURCE: Effective Formulae for Women
Pinellia tuber 6g
Arisaema with bile 3g
Unripened bitter orange (stir baking with wheat bran) 3g
Poria 3g
Tangerine peel 3g
Licorice root 2g
Fresh ginger 10 pes.
DIRECTIONS:Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS:Drying dampness removing phlegm and activating qi to relieve depression.
INDICATIONS: Syndrome of flooded phlegm-saliva marked by stuffy chest, cough, nausea, pour appetite. It is also used for syndrome of liver wind with phlegm marked by heing unable to take fund due to vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, even phlegm synenpe, white and greasy coating of tongue, end taut and slippery pulse.
(2) Phlegm Dispelling Deeuetiunf’dI tan tang)
SOURCE: Life Preserving Forniulae
Pinellia tuber (prepared with ginger) 8g
Arisaema with bile 8g
Tangerine peel 6g
Unripened bitter orange 6g
Puria 6g
Ginseng Sg
Grassleaved sweetfiag rhizome 3g
Bamboo shavings 2g
Licorice root 2g
Fresh ginger 5 pes.
Chinese dates 1 pes.
DIRECTIONS:Deeoet all the above herbs in water for oral adminisiralion.
EFFECTS: Clearing up phlegm to open orifice.
INDICATIONS:Syndrome of ph’egm euvering the heart-orifice in wind-stroke marked by aphasia and stiffness of tongue, turbid and greasy coating of tongue
• 292
and taut pulse.
(3) Golden Water Six Gentlemen Decoetiun Qza .shuö lid jun jien)
SOURCE: Jingyue’ s Complete Works
Chinese angelica root 6g
Prepared rehmannia root 6 to 15g
Tangerine peel 5g
Pinellia tuber 6g
Poria 6g.
Roasted licorice root 3g
Fresh ginger 3 to 7 pcs.
DIRECTIONS:Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.
IND1CATIONS:Phlegm syndrome due to water flooding with yin defieeney of the lung and kidney marked by cough, nausea, asthma with profuse sputum, tired, soreness in the lower back, white and moist coating of tongue, and slippery and feeble pulse.
Notes : These four formulae mentinned above are for drying dampness and re solving phlegm. Among them, Two Vintage Herbs Decoeting is the main one, and is also a basic one. Its modification can treat different kinds of phlegm syndromes except damp phlegm. Phlegm Conducting Decoction is good at removing phlegm and activating qi, and its effects of drying dampness and resolving phlegm are stronger than those of Two Vintage Herbs Deeuction. Thus, it is used for syndrome of flooded phlegm saliva and liver-wind syndrome complicated by phlegm. Phlegm-Clearing up Decoction is good at clearing up phlegm tu open the orifice, and it is effective fur syndrome of aphasia due to wind-phlegm. Golden Waler Six Gentlemen decoction can nourish the lung and kidney, so it is indicated for accumulation of damp-phlegm with yin deliciency of the lung and kidney.
Gallbladder-Warming Decoetion
wen thin tUng
SOURCE: Formulae Assigned to the Three Categories of Evils of Diseases
Pinellia tuber 6g
Bamboo shavings 6g
Unripened bitter orange (stir-backing with flour) 6g
Tangerine peel 9g
Roasted licorice root Sg
Poria Sg
Fresh ginger 5 pes.
Chinese dates 1 pes.
DIRECTIONS:Deeoct oil the above herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFCTS: Regulating qi and resolving phlegm, clearing the gallhladder and harmonizing the stomach.
INDICATTONS:Disharmony between the gallbladder and stomach with stir ring up of phlegm heat marked hy insomnia due to vexation, vomiting, hiccup, dizziness, fearfulness, restlessness, palpitation, or epilepsy, a greasy tongue coating and taut pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:Pinellia tuber as a principal herb lowers adverse qi to harmonize the stamach and dries dampness to resolve phlegm. Bamboo shav ings clears away heat and resolves phlegm, stops vomiting and relieves restlessness. Unripened bitter orange activates qi to remove phlegm and renders phlegm to go downward along with qi. These two herbs are ased together as assistant herbs. Acting as adjuvant herbs, tangerine peel regulates qi and dries dampness, and poria strengthens the spleen ta excrete dampness so that the dampness and phlegm can be cleared away. Fresh ginger, Chinese dates and roasted licorice root benefit the spleen and harmonize the stomach, coordinate the effects of other herbs in the formula, playing a role of dispatcher herbs. The comhinatian af all herbs result in regulating qi and resolving phlegm, clearing the gallbladder dnd harmonizing the stomach. If phlegm and heat are extreme with restlessness, hitter taste, add eoptis root to the formula which is then called Decoet ion far Warming Gallbladder with Coptis Root. If the case is complicated by summer-heat damp ness, sweet wormwood and seutellarie root should be added to the formula to remove summer heal.
Today this formula is often used for neurasthenia disorder of vegetative nerve system, menopause syndrome, chronic gastritis and cerebral arteriosclerosis manifested as syndrome of disharmony between the gallbladder and the stomach with stirring up of phlegm-heat.
Section 2 Formulae for Clearing Away Heat
and Resolving Phlegm
This kind of formala is indicated far heat-phlegm syndrome. Reat-phlegm can
be caused by many factors. The mosi common caose is exuberance of heat in the viscera or transformation of qi stagnation into fire, which scorches the body fluids. Clinical manifestations include cough with thick yellowish phlegm, red tongue, yellow greasy coating, and slippery and rapid pulse. This condition should be treated with the therapy of clearing away bert and resolving phlegm. Trichosanthes fruit, arisaema with bile and ehloriteschist are usually chosen ad principal herbs to constitute furmul ae.
if the lung and stomach—fire is exuberant, seutellaria root and coptis root can be added to the formula to clear away heat and dry dampness. if excess-heat with thick phlegm and constipation is tough, rhubarb can he added to the formula to purge heat and loosen the bowels, in order to treat the “root”of phlegm, pane and pinellia toher should be added to the formula to strengthen the spleen and excrete dampness, and to lower adverse qi and resolve phlegto, When treating phlegm, regulating qi method should he preseribed.Only cii flows smoothly,ean phlegm be eliminated. Hence, unripened bitter orange, tangerine peel and cage1 wood are commonly added to the foumola to lower qi and eliminate phlegm. The representative formulae are Qi Clearing and Phlegm-Resolving Pills, Minor Chest-Congestion Decoction and Phlegn Expelling Pills.
Qi-Clearing and Phlegm-Resolving Pills
qing qi huà tan wan
SOURCE:Textoal Research on Medical Formulae
Triehosaothes seeds 30g
Tangerine peel SOg
Scutellaria root (parched with wine) 30g
Apricot kernel 30g
Unripened bitter orange (stir-baking with wheat bran) 3Og
Poria 30g
Arisaema with hue 45g
Pinellia tuber 45g
DIRECTIONS:Crind the above herbs into fine powder and then mix it with ginger juice to make into pills. Take 6 to 9 gram each time with warm boiled wa ter. If the herhs are used in the form of decaetion, the dose should be adjusted in proportionally.
EFFECTS: Clearing away heat and resoving phlegm, regulating qi anti stop-
ping cough.
INDICATIONS: Aecumulatiou of bplegm and heat marked by cough with. thick yellow phlegm, difficulty in çxpectoratiun, stuffy chest, rapid breath, asth ma, scanty dark urine, red tongue, yellow greasy coaling and slippery and rapid pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a commun formula for treatment of beat phlegm syndrome. Arisaeruu with bile being bitter flavor and cold property and ef feetive in clearing away heat and resoving phlegm as principal herb is indicated for accumulation of thick phlegm and excess—fire. Functioning us assistant herbs, seutellaria root and triehusanthes seed lower the lung-qi, resolve heat phlegm and increase the effect of the principal herb; uuripened bitter orange and tangerine peel lower qi and relieve stuffiness, clear phlegm accumulation. Puria strengthens the spleen and excretes dampness; apricot kernel disperses the lung qi; pioellia tuber dries dampness and resolves phlegm. they ure used together as adjuvant herbs. All the herbs in the formula make common efforts in clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, regulating qi and arresting cough so that heat is cleared away, fire lowered, qi flowed smoothly, phlegro cleared thus all the symptoms will be cured.
This formula is used fur Pneumonia, chronic bronchitis manifested as syndrome of accumulation of phlegm heat
Minor Chest-Congestion Decoetion
xiào xiân xiöng tang
SOURCE: ‘l’reatise no Cold-Attack
Coptis root 6g
Pinellia tuber l2g
Trichosanthes fruit 30g
DIRECTION5:J)ecoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.
INDICATIONS: Syndrome of phlegm arid heat blocking the chest marked by stuffy chest with pain when pressing, ur cough with thick yellow phlegm, yellow ish and greasy coating of tongue and slippery and rapid pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:Trichosuothes fruit as a principal herb in the formula clears heat and phlegm, relieves the blockage of the chest. Coptis root purges fire and heat to relive epigastric stuffiness. Pioellia tuber lowers adverse qi und relieves flatulence of epigastric accumulation. These two herbs are used together as adjuvant herbs. Conibinatiun of the two herbs has the effects of pungent opening
and bitter descending and is effective for treating accumulation of phlegm and heat. This formula is oniy composed of three herbs, but it shows masterly choice of herbs, and is an excellent one to treat accumulation of phlegm and heat with pain in the chest and abdomen.
This formula is indicated to syndrome characterized by accumulation uf phlegm and heal iu epigasirie region, epigastrie pain when pressing. It is a milder syndrome comparing to syndrome of accumulation of water and heat in the chest and abdomen for Major Chest Congestion Deeoetion marked by fullness, stuffiness, pain and tenderness in the area from the epigastrium to the lower abdomen, thus the name of formula is termed Minor Chest-Congestion Deeoetion. Major Chest Congestion Deenetion composed of mirabilite, rhuarb and kunsui rout is the formula to remove water retention by drastic purgation. It is a formula to clear a way heat and phlegm. In clinical practice it can be used for exudative pleurisy, bronchitis manifested as accumulation of phlegm and heat
Phlegm-Expelling Pills
gun (an wan
SOURCE: Appended to Danxi’ s Experiential Therapies
Rhubarb (steamed with wine) 240g
Seutellaria root (washed with wine) 240g
Chloritesehist 30g
Mirahilite 30g
Eagle wood 15g
DIRECTIONS:Grind all the shove herbs into very fine powder and then re fine powdered herbs with water and make into pills. Take 9 to 9 grams each time with warm boiled water, once or twice a day. I’he herbs can also he deeoeted in water for oral administration, with the dose adjusted pru)urtionally
EFFECTS:Purging fire and resolving phlegm.
INDICATIONS : Syndrome of phlegm and fire accumulation due to excess heat and thick phlegm marked by fearfulness, madness, palpitatiun, fright, coma, or cough and asthma with thick phlegm, or stuffiness and distention of the abdomen, or dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia and dreaminess, constipation, yellow thtek coating of tongue, and slippery, rapid and forceful pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This formola is special for syndrome caused by excess—heat and thick phlegm. Mirahilite and chloriste sehist as principal herbs he— 297
ing dry and heavy in nature, is good at purging accumulated thick phlegm. Rhubarb as an assistant herb, hcing bittar in flavor and cold in property, purges cx cass heat and upens a passage for phlegm-fire duwnwared. Scutellaria root with hitter flavor and cold naturc purges fire and clears heat in qi phase in the upper jiao; eagle wood lowers qi rapidly, and is a guide for the other herbs. These two herbs are used together as adjuvant herbs. The joint usc of the five herbs produces strong purging action. It is therefore a drastic formula to eliminate excess-heat and thick phlegm. The drastic action of this formula is harmfol to the genuine qi, so, never use it in weak constitution and pregnant women.
In clinical practice it con ha used for schizphrcnia, epilepsy and infantile con vulsion doe to accumulation of phlegm and fire.-
Section 3 Formulae for Moistening Dryness
and Resolving Phlegm
•This kind of formula is indicated for dry-phlegm syndrome which often results from deficiency fire scorching the body fluids, that when the long-yin is in insufficiency. Clinical manifestations include sticky and thick phlegm, difficulty in expectoratinn, dryness of the throat, even cough with choke, hoarse voice and so on. It should he treated with the therapy of moistening dryness and resolving phlegm. Trichosanthcs fruit ( snakagourd fruit), fritillary bulb etc. sre usually taken as principal herha to constitute the formula.
Far lung dryness syndrome with dry throat, snakegoord root, fragrant an lomonscal rhizome and nphiopogon root etc. can ha added to the formula to nourish yin, clear heat, moisten dryness and resolve phlegm. Since the spleen is the source of phlegm fnrmation, and phlegm con be resolved when renormalization of qi circulation thus, poria and tangerine peel can ha added to the Inrmnla to strengthen the spleen, excrete dampness, activate qi and resolve phlegm. The main representative formula is Fritillary Bulb and Trichosanthes Fruit Powder.
Frilillary Bulb and Triehosanthes Fruit Powder
bèi mu guã ion scUm
SOURCE: Medicine Cnmprehanded
Fritillary bulb 5g
Trichnsanthes fruit 3g
Trichosanthes root 2. 5g
Poria 2. 5g
Tangerine peel 2. 5g
Balloon flower root 2. 5g
DIRECTIONS:Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFCITS:Moistening the lung and clearing heat, regulating qi and resolving phlegm.
INDICATIONS: Syndrome of cough due to the lung dryness manifested by cough with sticky phlegm, difficulty in expectoration, dryness of the throat and mouth, red tongue with whitish and dry coating, and rapid and/or thready poise.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This formula is commonly used to treat cougF due to the lung-dryness. Fritillary bulb in the formula, as a principal herb, cleara away heat arid moistena the lung, resolves phlegm and arrests cough so as to dispel the stagnation of the phlegm qi. Acting as an assistant herbs, trichosanthe& fruit clears away heat and moistens dryness, regulates qi and removes phlegm, sc as to soothe stuffiness of the chest. Trichosanthes root clears away heat to resolve phlegm, promotes the generation of body fluids to moisten dryness.. Pont strengthens the spleen and excretes dampness to stop the source of phlegm forma tion. Tangerine peel regulstes qi and resolves phlegm so that the qi flows normally and phlegm is removed. Ballnn flower root disperses the lung qi to ensure norma1 function of the lung in dispersing and depurative descending. The joint use of al herbs in the formula can get dryness moistened, phlegm resolved, thus, cough arrested followed.
Chronic bronchitis manifested as cough syndrome due tu the lung-dryness car be treated by the formula and its modifications.
Section 4 Formulae for Warming and Resolving ColdPhlegm
This kind of formula is suitable for cold-phlegm syndrome, often occurs in cases of endogenous cold, phlegm forming from accumulation of dampness due to insufficiency of the spleen—yang. Symptoms of cough with profuse white and dilati sputum, cold limbs, pale tongue with watery coating and deep pulse can be seen it clinic. It should be treated with the therapy of warnnng and resolving cold phlegm. ‘this kind of formulae is mainly composed of herbs far warming the lam and resolving phlegmn, such as dried ginger, asaram herb and white mustard seed, etc.
Phlegm is better to be melted by warmth, hence, pinellia tuber, tangerine peel, poria and highead atractylodes rhizome are commonly added to the formula to dry dampness and strengthen the spleen, regulate qi and resolve phlegm. If phlegm obstructs the fumctional activities of qi, there may appear failure of the lung to perform its fonction of dispersion and deporative descent with symptoms of cuugh and asthma. Ephedra, platycodon root, pcrilla leaf, tatarian aster root, colts foot flower, apricot kernel and perilla seed, etc. can he added to the formula to disperse the lung, resolve phlegtn and stop cough and osthmo. The main repre scntativc formulae are Poria, Licorice, Schisandra, Ginger and Asarum Deeoction, Three Kinds of Seeds Decoction for Parents.
Poria, Licorice, Schisandra, Ginger and Asarurn Decoction
1mg gãn Wa wèi jiãn.g xiii tang
SOURCE: Synopsis of Prescriptions from the Golden Chamber
Puns 12g
Licorice root 6g
Dried ginger 9g
Asarom herb 6g
Schisandra fruit 6g
DIRECTIONS:Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS:Warming the lung and resolving retention of phlegm-fluid.
INDiCATIONS: Syndrome of phlegm-fluid retention marked by cough with profuse white thin sputum, discomfort in the chest, pale tongue with white and watery coating and taut and slippery pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a common formula for treatment of the phlegm-fluid retention of cold type. Dried ginger, being pungent in flavor and hot in property, us a principal herb, can warm the lung and expel cold to resolve phlegm-fluid retention, and also warm the spleen yang to remove dampness. Acting as assistant herbs, usarum herb with pungent flavur and dispersing action warms the lung to expel cold, assists principal herb in resolving cold retention of phlegm-fluid; poria, being sweet and tasteless flavor, invigorates the spleen and excretss dampness. The combination with dried dinger results in stopping the source of phlegm formation. Schisandra fruit as an adjuvant herb astninges the lung-qi to stop cough and the combination with asarum herb can yield both the dispersing and ustninging effects, dispersing without impairment of the genuine-
qi, wiole astringing without retaining the evei-cli. Licorice root harmonizes the middle and eourdinates the effects of the other herbs in the formula, playing a role of dispatcher herb. The joint use uf all herbs can complement each other by both opening and closing, warming and dispersing so that the cold-evil is dispiled, phlegm-fluid retention eliminated.
If the case is marked by profuse phlegm and nausea, pinellia tuber can be added to the formula to lower adverse qi and stop vomiting, dry dampness and re solve phlegm. If the case is accompanied hy symptoms of rebellion of adverse qi, cinnamon twig can be added to the formula ta warm the middle and lower adverse qi. If the case is marked by severe cough with facial edema, apricot kernel cnn be added tn the formula to disperse the lung-qi and stop cough.
In clinical practice this formula can be used for chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other diseases menifested as syndrome of cold retention of phlegm- fluid.
Three Kinds of Seeds Decoction for Parents
ri yang qin tang
SOURCE:Zhang’s Treatise on General Medicine
White mustard seeds 6g
Perilla seeds 9g
Radish seeds 9g
DIRECTIONS:Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS:Lowering qi and promoting digestion, warming and resolving cold phlegm.
INDICATIONS:Syndrome of phlegm accumulation and qi stagnation marked by cough and asthma with profuse sputum, stuffy chest, poor appetite and dyspepsia, white greasy tongue coating aud slippery pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a common farmola far treatment of cough and asthma doe to cold phlegm. White mustard seeds in the formula warm the long,pramote the flow of qi, soothe the chest and resolve phlegm to stop cnugh and asthma. Radish seeds pramate digestion to relieve faod retentian. The joint use of three herbs yields the effects of warming and resalving cold phlegm and promoting the flow of qi to stOp asthma so that qi circulation becomes norncal, phlegm removed, food retentinn relieved, thus relief of cough and asthma will fallow.
in clinical practiocc, analysis has to bc made to dcfinc which symptom is pre dominant, and then corresponding herb can be used as the principal one to ensure the good result. However, this formula is for lowering qi and resolving phlegm and aims at treating the “braneh”of disease. When effective result is obtained efter administration, the “root” of disease should be taken into consideration for treat ment.
Today it is used fur chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary emphy senia and other diseases manifested at the syndrome of phlegm accumulation and qi stagnation.
Section 5 Formulae for Dispelling wind
and Resolving Phlegm
This kind of formulae is suitable for the treatment of wiod phlegm syndrome, which results from exogenous attack and internal injury. The former cause refers to exogenous wind evil attack. When the pulmonery defensive mechanism is affected, the lung-qi fails in dispersion. It is nianifeated by aversion to wind, fever, cough, itching throat, white, thin tongue coating, etc. So it is better to be treated by the formula mainly composed of herbs for dispelling wind and resolving phlegm, such as sehizonepsta, tatariao aster root and swallowwort rhizome, etc. which are commonly used. The main representative fromola is Cough Stopping
Powder. The latter is endogenous wind phlegm resulting from spleen deficiency - and failure in transporteion end transformation of water-dampness complicated by
stirring up of liver wind. It is marked by dizziness, headache, even syneope, unconsciousness, etc. It has to be treated with therapy of stopping wind and resolving phlegm. Pinellia tuber, gasirodia tuber and ai-isaeme with bile, etc. are often taken as main ingredients to constitute formula. The typical formula is Pinellia, Bighead Atraetylodes and Gasirodia Deeoetion.
Pinellia, Bighead Atractylodes and Gastrudia Decoction
bàn xià bâi chit thin ma tang
SOURCE: Medicine Comprehended
Pinallia tuber Og
Gestrodia tuber 6g
Poria 6g
Tangerine peel 6g
Bighead atractylodes rhizome 15g
Licorice root 4g
Fresh ginger I pes.
Chinese date 2 pes.
DIRECTIONS:Deeoet all the ahove herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS:Drying dampness and realving phlegm, soothing the liver to stop endogenous wind.
INDICATIONS: Syndrome of up stirring of wind phlegm marked by dizziness, headache, stoffy chest, naosea, vomiting, wihte and greasy tongoe coating teot and slippery pulse
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:It is a common formula for treatment ol dizziness and headache due to wind-phlegm. Pinellia tuber is osed to dry dampness o re solve phlegm, and lower the adverse qi to stop vomiting. Gastrodia tuber is taken to resolve phlegm and arrest wind to relieve vertigo. The combination of these two herhs plays a very important role in treatment nf dizziness and headache due to wind-phlegm.They are principal herbs in the forniula.Just as doctor Li Gao said:
“One can’t get a good result for Joeyin headache doe to phlegm-retention without using pinellia tuber, while one can’t get a curative effect for vertigo due to edage nous wind winthout gastradia tuber”. Bighead atraetylodes rhizome, as an assistant herb, invigorates the spleen to dry danipness and assists the principal herbs in eliminating dampness to resolve phlegm and relieving vertigo. Peria strengthens the spleen end excretes dampness. Tangerine peel regulates qi to resulve phlegm. Fresh ginger and Chinese date regulate the spleen and stunu:h. All of them act as adjuvani herbs. Licorice root as a dispatcher herb harmonizes the middel and mud crates the other herbs in the formula.
This formula can be used for aural vertigo, functional disturhanee of vegetative nervous system eerehral arteriosclerosis, eerebrovaseular accident and othe disorders manifested as the above syndromes.
Cough-stopping Powder
dii soà win
SOURCE: Medicine Cuniprehended
Balloanflawer root (platycodon) (parched) 96 Qg
Sehizunepeta 960g
Tatarian aster root (steamed) 960g
Stemona tuber (steamed) 960g
Swallowwort rhizome (steamed) 9 60g
Raasted licorice root 360g
Tangerine pee’ 480g
DIRECTIONS:Griad the ahove herbs into fine powder. Take 6 grams 9 each time with warm boiled water or with ginger decoction. The herbs can also be de cocted in water for oral administration, with the dose reduced proportionally.
EFFECTS: Stopping cough and resolving phlegm, reliving the exterior syndrome and dispersing the lung.
INDICATIONS: Wind-evil sttack of the lung marked by cough, itching throat, slight chills and fever, or difficulty in expectiuration, white and thin tongue coating etc.
ANALYSiS OF FORMULA:Tt is a common formula to stop cough and resolve phlegm. Tatarian aster root, swallowwart rhizome and stemona tuber step cough and resolve phlegm, which are effective against both chronic cough and cough due to exogenous attack. Balloon flower root, tangerine peel disperse and ventilate the lung qi, stop cough and remove phlegm. Schizonepeta dispels wind evil to relieves the exterior syndrume. Roasted licorice rant mediates the actions of the other herbs, The combination of these two herbs with balloon fruwer root can relieve sore throat more effectively.
This formula is characterized by warming moistness and moderotiun. Hence, ii can be modified to treat various cough due to exogenous attack. If the case is complicated by headache, stuffy nose and aversion to cold, ledcbuuriella root, pe rilla leaf and fresh ginger can he added to dispel cold evil and release the exterior. If the case is complicated by headache, aversiut to wind, fever, bitter mouth taste, sore throat, yellow phlegm, red tongue, mulberry leuf, arctium fruit, peppermint, scutellaris rout and forsythia fruh can be added to dispel wind and heat and re lease exterior. If there is a dry cough or little sputum, emit schizunepeta and tan geriue peel can be nmilted ond add mulberry hark, trichosanthes fruit arid luquat leaf can be added to clear and, moisten the lung and resolve phlegm. If the cough is accompaoied by abundant phlegm, flour appetite, tastelessness, stuffy chest, pinellia tuber and poria can he added to dry out the dampness and resolve the. phlegmu.
Today ilus formula is often used for common cold, influenza, bronchitis, ful304
minant chronic bronchitis manfested as syndrome of wind—evil attack of the lung.
In Snmmary
This chapter is composed of ten commonly used formulae, which are divided on basis of their effects into five kinds: the formulac for drying dampness and resolving phlegm, the formulae for moistening dryness and resolving phlegm, the formulae for clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, the furmlae fur warming and resolving cold phlegm and formulae far dispelling wind and resolving phlegm.
1. Fornnilae for drying dampness and resolving phlegm
Two Vintage herbs Deeuetiun is a basic formula fur treatment of phlegm syndrome. The principal herb in the formula is pinellia ruber with the effects of drying dampness and resulving phlegm. Some herbs for activating qi and excreting dampness can be added to the formula to treat both the “braneh’and “the root”of disease. Moreover, it is a wonderful idea that black plum is used in little dose to astring the lung qi and promote generation of body floids. Gallbladder Warming Deeoetion regulates qi, resolves phlegm, clears the gallbladder and harmonizes the stomach, and is indicated for disharmony between the gallbladder and stomach with up-stirring of phlegm-heat marked by insomnia due tu vexation, nausea, vomiting, fearfulness, restlessness and epilepsy.
2. Formulae for clearing away heat and resolving phlegm
Although Qi-Cleanng and Phlegm-Resolving Pill is a modification of Two Vintage Herbs Decoetion, it stresses on clearing away heat and resolving phlegm. Thus it is indicated for accumulation of phlegm heat mraked by c:nugh with thic:k and yellow phlegm, etc. Minor Chest-Congestion Deeoetion clears away heat, resolves phlegm and soothes the chest to disperse accumulation, and is used for the blockage of phlegm—heat in the epigastric region. Chloriteschist in Phlegm—Expelling Pills is used as the principal herb to purge heat and remove phlegm, and the combined use with herbs for activating qi and loosening the bowels purges excess heat and thick phlegm. It is especially indicated for fearfulness and madness, marked by severe palpitation, coma, constipation, yellow, thick and greasy coating of tongue, and slippery, rapid and forceful pulse.
3. Formulae for mistening dryness and resolving phlegm
Fritillary Bulb and Trichosanthes Fruit Powder is mainly composed of herbs for moistening the lung, resolving phlegm and dispersing aceomulatinnit has the effects of moistening the lung and resolving dry-phlegm, and is used fur syndrome of dry heat in the lung meridian marked by cough with sticky phlegm, difficulty in expectoration, dryncsa of the throat, etc.
4. Formulae for warming and resolving cold-phlegm
Poria, Licorice, Schisendra, Ginger and Asarum Decoction with dried ginger aa die principal herb has strong action in warming the long and spleen, and is good at treating fluid-retention. It is often used for cold retention of phlegm floid marked by coogh with profuse white thin phlegm, etc. Three Kinds of Seeds Dccoction for Parents lowers qi and promotes digestion of food and stresses on resolving phlegm,thos it is good for syndrome of stagnation of cold-phlegm marked by coogh and asthma with profose spotom, poor appetite, etc.
5. Formulae for dispelling wind and resolving phlegm
Pinellia, Bighead Atractylodcs and Gastrodia Decoction dries dampness, re solves phlegm, soothes the liver to stop eodogenous wind. It is good at treating syndrome of up-stirring of wind-phlegm manifested by dizziness, vertigo, headache, etc. Cough Sropping Powder relieve cough, resolves phlegm and disperses the long to relieve the exterior syndrome, and is a common formula to treat cough due to exugenous attack.


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