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Chapter Eight Astringent Fomulae

Those moinly composed of sstringents, with the effect of inducing astringency to treat excessive loss and consumption of qi, blood, vital essence and hody fluid are generally known os ostringent formulae. It belongs to the range of that “Astringency might arrest exhaustion” in the “ten kinds of formulae”.
Qi, blood and body fluids sre precious sobstances to maintain normal life activities of the human body. They arc unceasingly utilized. In the meantime, they are constantly replenished so that a certain quantity are maintained. Extreme deficiency of the genuine-qi from congenital insufficiency or lack of nourishment due to chronic illness caoses failure to consolidate the body, so there will be spontaneous perspiration, night sweating, chronic cough due to deficient lung, seminal emission, nocturnal enaresis. urinary incontinence, chronic diarrhea, metrorrbagia and metrostaxis, and leukorrhagia, etc. Mild case impairs physiological function, while serious case might be fetal.
Chapter 74 in Plain Questions states: “Syndrome of loss and consumption should be treated by estringents” , and there is the principle of “Astringency might arrest exhaustion”, Sn syndrome of lass and consumption should be treated by astringent therapy. However, the cauese and regions of diseases era different, this kind of formulae is, therefore, classified into five types according to the different effects of the herbs: the formulae for consolidating the exterior to stop sweating, formulae for astringing the lung to stop cough, formulae for consolidating the in testine to stop diarrhea, formulae for consolidating the essence to stop spontaneous emission and enoresis and formulae for coring metrorrhagia, metrostaxis and leukorrhagia.
Astringent therapy is used for extreme deficiency due to loss end eons ump tion of qi, blood and body fluids. It pertains to the method of treating “branch” by obstructing water leaking, while tonifying therapy to the method of treating “root” by opening sources.
Astringent therapy is eontreiodieatad in patients with sweating due to fabrile disease, cough due to phlegm retention, emission due to disturbance of ihe fire, diarrhea caused by improper food intake, and metrorrhagia aod metrostaxis due to blood heat to avoid the mistake of “leave the enemy behiod closed doors”.
Section 1 Formulae for Consolidating
the Exterior to Stop Sweating
These formulae are used for weakness syndrome of yang-qi, uneonsolidatiun of defense-qi may leod to syndrome of spontaneous perspiratiun. The perspiration is closely related to opening aud closing function uf defense-qi. The defense-qi is derived from the lower jiau, and is transfurmd and engendered by the middlejiau, and is dispersed by the upper-jiao. Qi deficiency of the spleen and lung may lead to uncunsolidatiun of the defense qi loose interstitial space, excretion uf nutri— ent”-yin. The clinical manifestations are spontaneuus perspiration, pallor, pale tongue, feeble and thready pulse. The method of consolidating the exterior to stop sweating should he applied. Astragalus root, bigheud atraetyludes rhizome are common herbs for replenishing the spleen and lung, and eunsolidating the exterior in order to treat its “root” ;Ephedra rout, oyster shell, hght wheat and sehisandra fruit are used to induce astringency to cease sweating fur treating its “branch”. The representative formula is Oyster Shell Powder.
Oyster Shell Powder
mu ii san
SOURCE: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary.
Astragalus rout 30g
Ephedra met 30g
Oyster shell(washed with rice water and then ealcined) 30g
DIRECTIONS: Grind all the herbs into rough granules and take 9 grams as a portion and deeeet is with light wheat, and then strain off its residue fur oral ad minisrratian. Or, deeoct in water for oral administratiun, with the dusage decreased prnpurtiunally.
EFFECTS: Cunsulidating the exterior to cease perspiration.
INDICATIONS Spuntanenus perspiration due ru yang deficiency marked by general sweating especially during sleep in the night, palpitatiun, dreams and fright, shortness of breath, vexation end general lassitude, slight reddish tungue, and thready, weak pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a common formula to astringe sweating and consolidate the exterior. Oyster shell is salty in flavor and cold in property. It
• 183
as the principal herb stops sweating, neurishes yin to settle down yang, Astragaiua root replenishes the lung qi and strengthens the defense ni to consolidate the exterior and is used as en assistant herb. Ephedra root is good at limiting perspire tion, the light wheat replenishes the heert-qi, nourishes the heart yin end clears a— way the heart heat, end they are the edjuvant herbs.
This formula can also be used for night sweating. Spontaneous perspiration of night sweeting in pulmonary tuberculosis can he treated by the modified formula.
Section 2 formulae for Astringing the Lung to alleviate Cough
These formulae are used for chronic cough due to the lung deficiency caused by impairment of qi-yin with symptoms of asthma, spontaneous perspiration, feeble end rapid pulse. The lung dominates qi and controls respiration, and is a delicate organ. Chronic cough consumes qi end impairs yin, leading to above symptomes. The method of astringing the lung to alleviate cough should be used. The commonlSr used herbs are black plum,myrnbalen,poppy eapsule,schisendra fruit, etc. They astringe the lung and alleviate cough on the basis of treating “branch”. However, ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, ophiopogon can replenish qi and nourish yin with purpose of treating “root”, these herbs can be selected as the principal herb respectively according to the condition.
If the lung fails to perform its dispersing and depurative descending function, mulberry bark, fritillery bulb, plantain seed, platycodon root and coltsfoot flower, etc. can be selected to resolve phlegm and ellevietie cough. The representative formula is Nine Immortal Powder.
Nine liurnortals Powder
jul ua son
SOURCE: Orthox Medical Book
Ginseng(boiled seperetel) 6g
Cnltsfont flower 9g
Platycodon root Gg
Mulberry bark 9g
Sehisendra fruit 9g
Donkey-hide gelatin 9g
Fritillary bulb 9g
Black plum 6g
Poppy capsule(stir baked with honey) 6g
DIRECTIONS: Grind the herbs into powder as one dosage. Or, decnct it with one piece of fresh ginger and one Chinese date fur oral administration. Or, decuct them in water for oral administration with adjust dosage hut with the proportion of ingredients of the uriginal recipe.
EFFECTS: Replenishing qi and nourishing yin, and astringing the lung to alleviate cough.
INDICATIONS: Deficiency syndrome of ihe lung qi marked by chronic cough, even panting and spontaneous perspiration when coughing, feeble and rapid pules.
ANALYSIS 01’ FORMULA: In the recipe, poppy capsule is key herb that as tringes the lung to alleviatie cough, ginseng nourishes the lung-qi, both of them are the principal herbs. Donkey hide gelatin replenishes the lung and nourishes yin, and schisandra fruit and black plum, sour in flavor, arrest cough, astringe the lung and promote generation of the body fluid, acting as the assistant herbs. Colts- foot flower, platycodon, mulberry bark and fritillary bulb are used for resolving phlegm to alleviate cough as the adjuvant herbs. Platycodon root is the dispatcher herb that carries patency of all the herbs to the lung and disperses the lung to resolve phlegm.
This formula is quite strong in astringing the lung to stop cough. it is contra indicated in cases of chronic cough with phlegm-retention internally or with the exterior-evil to avoid remains of the evil qi.
Section 3 Formulae for Consolidating
the Intestine to Cease Diarrhea
These formulae are used for chronic diarrhea or loose bowel due to deficien cy cold of the spleen adn stomach. The spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation and dominate transportation and transformation, while kidney is the congenital foundation and controls urination and feces. Deficiency cold of the spleen and stomach, and uneonsolidation of the intestine tract may lead to chronic diarrhea, or loose bowel, poor appetite, abdominal pain which is alleviated by pressure, pale tongue with white coating, deep and slow pulse, ate. Method of eonsoli dating the intestine to cease diarrhea should be used. Myrobalan fruit, poppy capsule, sehisandra fruit, nutmeg and red halloysite, etc. are commonly used to eon
solidatc the intestine to cease diarrhea for treating the “branch”,While psuralea fruit, cinnamon bark, dried ginger, ginseng and highead atraetylodes rhizome are used for treating the “root” These two kind of herbs are selected as major part of the formula.
For syndrome of deficient spleen and qi stagnation, aucklandia root, tangerine peel and green tangerine peel, etc. are added to regulate qi and strengthen the spleen; In case of chronic diarrhea due to blood deficiency, Chinese angalica root and white peony root can be combined to nourish and regulate the blood. The representative formulae are Peach Flower Dccoction, Immortal Viscera Nourishing Decoction and Four Miraculous Herbs Pills.
Immortal Viscera-Nourishing Decoction
zhën rén yang zâng tang
SOURCE: prescription of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary
Ginseng fig
Chines angelica root 9g
Bighead atractyludes rhizome 12g
Nutmeg 12g
Cinnamon Bark 3g
Roasted licorice rout fig
White peony root 25g
Aucklandia root 9g
Myrubalan fruit 12g
Poppy capsuleoney-parchcd) 6g
DIRECTIONS: Grind the above herbs into rough granules and take 9 grams as a portion and dccoct it with water, and then strain off its residue far oral administration. Wine, wheat food, cold and raw, fishy, greasy and spicy food are pro hibited during treatment. Or decoct them in water in reduced dosage with ingredients of same porportiun as the original formula for oral administration.
EFFECTS: Warming and tunifying the spleen and kidney, consolidating the intestine to cease diarrhau.
INDICATIONS: Chronic diarrhea or chrunic dysentery due to deficiency cold of the spleen and kidney marked by incontinence of the feces due to louse bowel, abdominal pain that may he relieved by warmth or pressure, dysentery, or passing stool with blood and pus, tcncsmus, pain around the navel, puur appetite, pale
tongue with white tongue coating, and slow and thready pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: Poppy capsule used in large dosage consolidates the intestines to cease diarrhea, Connamon bark warms the spleen and kidney, Both arc principal herbs. As assistant herbs, myrobalan fruit and nutmeg warm the kidney and spleen, consolidate the intestine to cease diarrhea, ginseng and bighcad atractylodes rhizome invigorate qi and strengthen the spleen. Chinese angelica root and white peony nourish the blood and harmonize yin, aucklandia root awakens the spleen and regulates qi. These are adjuvant herbs. Roasted licorice invigorates the spleen and harmonizes the middle. Combined with white peony, it can relieve spasm to relieve pain as dispatcher herb.
Chronic enteritis, intestinal tubercnlosis, chronic dysentery pertaining to def ieiency cold of the spleen and kidney can he treated by this formula.
Four Miraculous Herbs Pills
xi shén wan
SOURCE: Standards of Diagnosis and Treatment
Netmeg 60g
Psoralea fruit 120g
Schisandra fruit 60g
Evodia fruit(satorated and fried) 30g
DIRECTIONS: Add 240 grams of fresh ginger and 100 pieces of Chinese date to the above mentioned herbs, grind them into power and make into pills for oral administration. Take 9 to 12 grams each time before meal or before going to bed with warm boiled water. Or, decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administration with the dosage adjusted proportionally.
EFFECTS: Warming and tonifying the spleen and kidney, consolidating the intestines to control diarrhea.
INDICATIONS: Chronic diarrhea doe to deficiency cold of the spleen and kid ney or morning-diarrhea with anorexia, loose stools of undigested food, or abdominal pain, lumbago, cold limbs, listlessness, pale tongue with white coating, and deep, slow arid feeble pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is common formula for morning diarrhea. Netmeg with pungent flavor and warm property is a principal herb with the effects on warming the kidney and invigorating the spleen. Evodia fruit warms the middle to dispel cold, regulates qi to alleviate pain; Psoralea fruit warms the kidney end
spleen. Both are assistant herbs. Schisandra fruit is sour in flavor and warm in property. It has the effects on astringing the essence and benefiting qi. Fresh ginger and Chinese dates replenish the spleen and stomach, dispel the cold to harmo nize the stomach. They are all used as dispatcher herbs.
Chronic enteritis, intestinal tuberculosis and allergic enteritis pertaining to deficiency cold of the spleen and kidney can he treated by this formula.
Section 4 Formulae for Consolidating the Essence
to Control Emission and Enuresis
These formulae are indicated to seminal emission, nocturnal emission, frequent urination and nocturnal enuresis. The kidney stores the essence, controls defecation and urination, unconsolidation due to kidney deficiency may lead to lack of storage of the essence, so therc might be seminal emission, nocturnal emission. Deficiency cold in lowerjiao may cause dysfunction of the urinary bladder. There appear frequent urination and nocturnal enuresis. The therapy of consolidating the essence to control seminal emission should be used. Flatsteni milkvetch seed, gordon euryale seed, lotus stamen, dragon’s bone, oyster shell and mantis egg-case, etc. are most common herbs for choice as main herbs.
For syndrome of disharmony between the heart and kidney manifested by ab - sent-mindedness, poor memory, grassleaved sweetflag rhizome, polygala root and tortoise plastron, etc. can be added to harmonize the heart and kidney. For essence insufficiency affecting qi and blood, ginseng, poria, Chinese angelica root and prepared rehmannia root, etc. can be added to replenish qi and nourish the blood.
Golden Lock Pills for Consolidating the Essence
fin suó gã jing wan
SOURCE: Collections
of formulae with Notes
Flatstem milkvetch seed(parched) 60g
Gordon euryale(steamed) 60g
Lotus stamen 60g
Lotos seed 60g
Dragon bone(fried) 30g
Oyster shell(calcined) 30g
DIRECTIONS: Grind the above--mentioned herbs into fine powder, mix it
with decoction of lotus seed to make pasts pills for oral administration, Take 9 grams each time with light salty water before meal. Or decoct the herbs in water for oral administration with the dosage redoced proportionally.
EFFECTS: Consolidating the kidney to astring noctornal emission
INDICATIONS: Unconsolidation of the essence-gate due to kidney deficiency and essence insufficiency marked by seminal emission, nocturnal emission, lassi tode, fatigue, weak limbs, lumbago, tinnitus, pale tongue with white coating and thready and feeble pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a common formula for nocturnal emission or spermatorrhea caused by deficiency of the kidney. Flatstem milkvetch seed as a principal herb in the formula replenishes the kidney to control emission, Lotus seed and gordon eoryale consolidate the kidney to astring emission, and nourish heart spirit. They arc assistant herbs. Dragon’s bone and oyster shell as adjuvant herbs are astringent in property and are used to halt emission, consoIidat the lower and settle yang. Especially, lotus stamen is an important herb to halt emission.
Most of herbs in the formula arc astringents. The prescription is contraindi cated in cases with emission doe to disturbance of damp heat in the lower-] iao of caused by hyperactivity of the ministerial fire.
Mantis Egg-case Powder
xdng bicio xião xciii
SOURCE: Amplified Exposition of Materia Medica
Mantis egg-case 30g
Polygala root 30g
Grassleaved Sweetflag rhizome 30g
Dragon bone 30g
Ginseng 30g
Poria with hostwond 30g
Chinese angelica root 30g
Tortoise plastron( vinegar-fired) 30g
DIRECTIONS: Grind the herbs into granules. Take 6 grams of granules be fore going to bed after being mixed with ginseng decoction or pilaose asiabell root decoction. Or decnet all herbs in water for oral administration, with the dosage reduced proportionally.
EFFECTS: Regulating and tonifying the heart and kidney, consolidating the essence to halt emission and enuresis.
INDICATIONS: Deficiency of both the heart and kidney and loss of controlling function of the nrinary bladder marked as frequent urination, or milky urine, absent-mindedness, amnesia, dreaminess, or enuresis, emission, pale tongue with white coating, and thready and feeble pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is used for insufficiency of both the heart and kidney manifested by frequent urination of enoresis, and seminal emission. Mantis egg-case with sweet flavor and cold property in the formula enters the kidney, and has the effects tonifying the kidney to consolidate the essence and to halt emission and enoresis with astringency. It is the principal herb. Dragon bone and tortoise plastron are assistnat herbs. The former consolidates the vital essence and tranqoilizes the mind, and the latter nourishes blood and yin, replenishes the kidney and liver. Ginseng and Chinese angelica root tonify both qi and blood to restore the source of growth and transformation. Poria with hostwood noorishes the heart and tranqoilizes the mind. Grassleavod sweetflag rhizome and polygala harmonize the heart and kidney. They work together as adjovant and dispatcher herbs.
This formula has the effects of tonifying the kidney, consolidating the vital essence, nourishing the heart, tranquilizing the mind, harmonizing the heart and kidney,and replenishing qi and blood. It is soitable for insofficiency of the heart and kidney manifested by freqoent orination doe to deficiency-heat, or enuresis and emission. It is contraindicated in syndrome with frequent urination, scanty hot urine, dribbling orination doe to fire exuberance in the lower-jiao, or frequent urination and enurcsis caused by yang deficiency of the spleen and kidney.
Section 5 Formulae for Uterine Bleeding
and Vaginal Discharge
These formulae are used far uterine bleeding and morbid leukorrhea. Metror rhagia and metrostaxis point to vaginal hemorrhage at irregular intervals. Massive uterine bleeding with a sudden onset is referred to as metrorrhagia, and the scanty bleeding with incessant dripping of blood as metrostaxis. Chong Meridian for women dominates the sea of blood. Ren Meridian dominates the nourishment of the fetus. Impairment of Choog and Ren Meridians may cause failure of blood to circulate meridians, leading to metrorrhagia and metrastaxis, which may be caused by heat-blood, spleen deficiency and blood stagnation, etc. Syndrome differentia190
lion should be made carefully in clinical proctice. According to principle of “trea ting the ‘branch’ for emergency case” consolidating blood with astringents should be taken first, after arresting bleeding one should treat disease from the “root”. Calcined dragon bonc, calcined oyster shell, Chinese gall hitter cardamon, schisan dra fruit etc. are commonly used to sat ringe the blood with astringents, and they are often combined with carbonized sanguisorba root, carbonized rubia root, car bunized palm petiolc, fluorite, red halloysite and limonite for inducing astringency to arrest bleeding. For failure to cummand the blood in ease of spleen deficiency, they are used with astragalus root, ginseng, bighead atractylodes rhizome to iovig orate the spleen, benefit qi, and to consolidate Chung Meridian to command the blood. For bleeding due to heat in the blood, they are used with scutellaria root, phellodendron bark and dried rehmannia rout etc. to cool blood and stup bleeding. For case accompanied by blood stasis, they can be used with frankincense,myrrh, trngupterus dung, Chinese angelica ruot and chuanxiong rhizome etc. to promote bluud circulation and remove stasis.
Morbid leuknrrhea is a disease syrnptomatized by persistent excessive mucuus vaginal discharge. The chief causative factors of leukorrhea are insufficiency of kidney-qi, failure of the spleen to transporting and transforming functiun, which creates dysfunctions of the Ren end Dai Meridians, leading to leuknrrhea. The therapy of inducing astringency to cease leuknrrhea should be applied. Chinese yam, gordun euryale seed, gingku nut and ailanthus bark etc. are often used as main herbs. For ease accompanied by damp-heat manifested as sticky, viscous and stinking yellow leukorrhea, they should be used with phellodendror bark, plantain deed, oriental water plantain rhizome and eapejasmine etc. to clear away heat and excrete dampness. Fur case accompanied by qi stagnation due to depression of the liver, bupleurm root, Nutgrass flutsedge rhizome and white peony runt in a little dose can be added to soothe the liver and nourish the blond. For leukurrhea marked by profuse and continuous discharge of thin, cold sensation in the lower abdomen, cinnamon bark, common fennel fruit, psuralea fruit and dodder seed etc. can be added to the furmula to warm the kidney and tonify yang. The representative formulae are Pills for Arresting Uterine Bleeding, Chong Meridian Consolidating Decoctiun and Treating Morbid Leukorrhagie Decuction.
Pills for Arresting IJterine Bleeding
gàjing wan
SOURCE: Flemetery Medicine
Scotellaria root SOg
White peony root 30g
Tortoise plastron 30g
Ailanthos hark 21g
Phellodendron bark 9g
Notgrass flatsedge rhizome 7. 5g
DIRECTIONS: Grind the herbs into powder and then mix it with liquor to make into paste pills as big as the seed of Chinese parasol tree. Take 9 grams each time, one or two times a day with warm boiled water before meal. Or, decoct all herbs in water for oral administration with the dosage deducted proportionally.
EFFECTS: Nourishing yin, clearing away heat and arresting bleeding to consolidate menstroation.
INDICATIONS: Menorrhagia, metrorrhagia and metrostnxis manifested as dark red blood with purple and black stagnated blood masses, irritable warm sensation in the chest, abdonunal pain, scanty dark yellow orine, reddish tongoe, and taot and rapid poise.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: Tortoise plastron and white peony root together as principal herbs in the formula nourish yin and blood, settle yang to lower fire, scutellaria root clears away heat and purges fire to stop bleeding. Phcllodendron bark and ailanthos bark as assistant herbs assist scutellaria root to clear heat, stop bleeding and consolidate menstruation. Nutgrass flatsedge rhizome is used as the adjuvant herb with effects of soothing the liver and relieving depression to regu late blood.
Chong Meridian-Consolidating Decoction
gil chOng tang
SOURCE: Integration of Chinese and Western Medicines
Bighead atractylodes rhizome( fired) 3 Og
Astragalus root 18g
Dragon hone(calcined) 24g
Oyster shell(calcined) 24g
Dogwood froit(pit removed) 24g
White peony 12g
Mantis egg-case 12g
Rubia root 9g
Carbonized palm petiole 6g
Chinese gall 1. 5g
DIRECTIONS: Decoct all the above herbs io water for oral administration.
EFFECTS: Replenishing qi, strengthening the spleen, and consolidating Chong Meridian to control the blood.
INDICATIONS: Unconsolidation of Choog Meridian and failure of the spleen to control the blood due to weakness of splccn-qi manifested as metrorrhagia or menorrhagie, light red and thin blood, thready weak pulse or feeble pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is commonly used for metrorrhagia and metrostaxis. Bighead atractylodes rhizome and astragaluc rout as principal herbs replen ish qi, strengthen the spleen, and consolidate Chong Meridian to control the blood so as to treat the “root” . Dogwood fruit and white peony as assistant herbs tonify the liver and kidney, astringe yin and nourish the blood. Calcined dragon bone, cal cined oyster shell, mantis egg case, carbonized palm petinle and Chinese gall together as adjovant herbs induce astringency to stop bleeding so as to treat the “branch” of syndrome and combine with robia root to promote blood circulation so that stopping bleeding without stasis. The combination of all the herbs in the formula treats both the “branch” and the “root” of metrorrhagia.
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, profuse bleeding during delivery and peptic olcer hemorrhage pertaining to qi deficiency can be treotod by this formula.
Both this formula and Back to the Spleen Decoction can be used for metrorrhagia and nretrostoxis doe to failure of the spleen to control the blood. However, the latter, is used for.tonifying the heart and spleen, and stresses on treating the “root”, the former is characterized by combining herhs for strengthening the spleen with herbs for inducing astringency to arrest bleeding, and treating both the “branch” and the “root” ,so that hemostatic effect is stronger than that of the latter.
Zhenling Pillets
zhèn lIng dan
SOURCE: Prescription of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary
Limonite(vinegar calcined) 200g
Flooritc( vinegar-calcined) 200g
Red halloysite(vincgar-calcined) 200g
Red oehre(vinegar caleined) 200g
Fraakincense(groond) bOg
Trogopteros dong(groond) bOg
Myrrh(ground) bog
Cinriahar(refined powder with water) 50g
DIRECTIONS: Grind the herbs into finc powder, mix it with 200 grams of fried glotinoos ricc powder to make iota myrrh coated pills for oral administration. Take 6-9 grams each time with warm boiled water before meal.
EFFECTS: Stopping bleeding and resolving blood stasis.
INDICATIONS: Blood stagnation in the oteros doe to deficiency-cold of Chong and Red Meridians manifested as continoous vaginal bleeding in deep red color or dark porplc menses with clots, lower abdominal pain aggravated by pres sore, alleviated by passing oot thc clots, deep porplish tongue, and deep, thready and string-taot polse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: Red halloysite, limonite, fluorite and red ochre in the formola as the principal herbs have been calcined to make them stronger effect of indocing astringency, and they warm the oteros and arrcst blceding with astringency. Frankincense, myrrh and trogopterus (long are pongent in flavor and warm in properties. They promote blood circulation, resolve stasis, regolate qi and allevi ate pain, so that blood stasis is resolved and fresh blood circulated. They are all used as assistant herbs. Glutinous rice powder replenishes the spleen and stomach to consolidate the middle, cinnabar tranquilizes the mind and calms the mood. Both are adjuvant and dispatchcr herbs.
‘I’reating Morbid Leukorrhagia Decoction
wan ddi tang
SOURCE: Pu Qingzhu’a Ohstetrics and Gynecology
Bighcad atractylodes rhizome(sand fried) 30g
Chinese yam(fried) 30g
Ginseng 6g
White peony root(wine-fried) 1 5g
Plantain seed(wine fried) 9g
Atractylodes rhizome Og
Licorice root 3g
Tangerine peel 1. 5g
Sehizonepeta spike 1. 5g
Bupleurum root 1.
DIRECTIONS: Decoet all the above herbs in water for oral administration
EFFECTS: Replenishing the middle, strengthening the spleen and dispelling dampness to cure leukorrhagia.
INDICATIONS: Downward flow of damp turbidity due to spleen deficiency and liver stagnation marked by white of yellow colored, thin vaginal discharge without foul smell, pale complexion, fatigue, luose stools, pale tongue with white coating,moderate pules or soft and feeble pulse.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: It is a common formula for morbid leukorrhagia due to spleen deficiency. Ginseng replenishes the spleen and benefits qi, bighead atractylodes rhizome dries dampness and strengthens the spleen, Chinese yam iii vigoraties the spleen to arrest morbid leukorrhagia. They work as principal herbs. Atractylodes rhizome and tangerine peel are bitter in flavor and warm in property, and have effects of on drying dampness, strengthening the spleen and regulating qi. Pljntain seed as assistant herb with tasteless flavor has the effects on excreting dampness and diuresis. The combination of the principal and assistant herbs not only replenishes the genuine-qi without retaining the evil-qi, but also dispels the evil-qi without impairing the genuinc-qi. Bupleurum root and white peony root as adjuvant herbs nourish blood to gentle the liver and regulate qi to soothe the liver so as to prevent liver—wood restraining spleen-earth, schizonapcta spike disperses dampness to cure leukorrhagia. Licorice root as a dispatcher herb benefits the stomach to harmonize the middle and coordinates the other herbs.
This formula is not suitable fur treatment of morbid leukorrhagia with sticky and stinking yellow discharge or with reddish discharge due to depression of the liver transformed into fire and downward flow of damp-heat.
(1) Yihuang Decaction(yi hudng tang)
SOURCE: Fa Qingzhu’s Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chinese yam(parchad) 30g
Gordon euryale seed( parched) 3 Og
Phellodendron bark(parched with salt solution) 6g
Plantain seed(parched) with wine 3g
Gingko nut(crushed) lOg
DIRECTIONS: Decoct all the above herbs in water for oral administraiton.
EFFECTS: Strengthening the spleen, drying dampness, clearing heat and cu ring morbid leukorrhagia.
INDICATIONS: Morbid leukorrhogia due to damp-heat caused by deficiency of the spleen.
(2) Morbid Lcukorrhagia Eliminating Decoction(qing ddi tang)
SOUREC: integration of Chinese and Western Medicine
Chinese yam dOg
Dragon bone(croshed) 18g
Tortoise plostron(Crushed) 18g
Mantis egg-case(cleaned and crushed) 12g
Rubia root Og
DIRECTION: Decoct all the herbs in water for oral administration.
EFFECTS: Strengthening the spleen and arresting morbid leukorrhagia.
INDICATION: Morbid laukorrhogio due to damp-heat caused by deficiency of the spleen.
NO’I’ES: Treating Morbid Leulcorrhagia Decoction, Yihuang Decoction and Morbid Leokorrhagia Eliminating Decoction are all used for morbid leukurrhogia due to deficiency of the spleen. Among them, the first one is suitable for syndrome of morbid leukorrhagia due to spleen deficiency accompanied by symptoms of liver depression. Ii stresses on strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, and gives consideration to soothing the liver and arresting morbid leukorrhagia. The second one is used for morbid leukorrhagia with symptions of damp-heat, so that it aims at invigorating the spleen to arrest morbid leukorrhagio, and clearing away heat and draining off dampness simultaneously. The third one is used for morbid lao korrhagia due to spleen deficiency manifested as reddish and white discharge. It has the functions both in strengthening the splaen to arrest morbid leukorrhagia and harmonizing nutrient qi.
In Summary
TIus chapter contains ten common formulae, based 00 different effects, they ore classified into five kinds; formulae for consolidating the exterior to stop swea ting,formulaa for astringing the lung to stop cough,formulaa for consolidating the intestines to stop diarrhea, formulae for consolidating the essence to stop seminal emission and formulae for arresting olerine bleeding and vaginal discharge.
1 . Formulae for consolidating the exterior to stop sweating
Oyster Shell Powder is a typical formula for inducing astringency. Its main effect is to astringe perspiration with astringents, and also replenishe qi, consolidate the exterior, nourishe yin and settle down yang, thus, it can he used for spun taneuns sweating or night sweating.
2. Formulae for astringing the lung to stop cough
Nine Immurtds Powder is good at astringing the lung to arrest cough. Mean while,it has the effects replenishing qi, nourishing yin, clearing the lung and dis solving phlegm, so it is suitable for syndrome of consumption of qi and yin caused by chronic cough due tu lung deficiency.
3. Formulae for consolidating the intestines to stop diarrhea
Poppy capsule and myrudalan in Immortal Viscora-Nunrishing Decoction have the effect.s of consolidating the intestines to control diarrhea, which are the main ffcct of the formula. Some herbs for warming the middle, nourishing the blood and harmonizing nutricnt-qi arc applied simultaneously, so thet it is suitable for chronic diarrhea due to yang deficiency of the spleen and stoniech. Four Miracu laos Herbs Pills are used for morning-diarrhea doe to weakness of kidney-yang, and it have both effects of warming the kidney and the spleen and consolidating the intcstins.
4 . Formulae for consolidating the essence to stop emission and enuresis
Gold Lock Pills for Consolidating the Essence stresses on consolidating the kidney and ostringing.the essence, thus, it is mainly for seminal emission and noc tnrnal emission due to kidney deficiency, and is contraindicated to the cases with emission caused by flaring of fire doe to yin deficiency. Mantis Egg-case Powder stresses on harmonizing the heart and kidney, and replenishing qi and blood, so it is usually used for frequent urination doe to deficiency fo both the heart and kidney with symptoms of milky urine and, absent-mindedness.
5 . Formulae for uterine bleeding and vaginal discharge
Pills of Arresting Uterine Bleeding, Chong Meridian-Consolidating Decoc tion, Zhenling Pillets can be all used for reinforciog meridians to stop bleeding. The first one stresses on noorishing yin to clear heat, end is suitable for mctror— rhagia end metrostaxis caused by endogcnoos heat doe to yin deficiency. The second one pays more attention to tonify qi and induce astringency, and is indicated to uterine bleeding due to failure of the spleen to control the blood. The third one is astringent in flavor and warm in property, having the odious of resolving stasis

and alleviate pain, and it is used for ulerine bleeding with symptoms of blood stasic. Treating Morbid Leukorrhagia Decoction strengthens the spleen, replenishes qi, and resolves dampness and arrests morbid leukorrhagia, and is used for morbid ieokorrhagia caused by downward flow of damp-heat due to weakness of spleenyang.

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