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Chapter Seventeen Parasite Expelling Formulae

Parasite expelling formulae are mainly composed of herbs for expelling parasites and used to treat parasitosis.
The parasites of human body are varied, such as ascaris, pinworm, hookworm, tenia and so on, They arc mostly caused by improper diet or taking food contaminated with parrasite eggs. The common symptoms of parasitosis of the digestive tract are paroxysmal pcriumhilical abdominal pain, normal appetite with famished look, or pale complexion, or white patch on the face, or grinding of teeth while sleeping, or epigastric upset with vomiting and acid regorgitation, cxforliative tongoe coating, and irregolar pulse. If it is delayed in treatment or mistreated, long time later, there will be signs of malnutrition such as emaciation, poor appetite, lassitude, withered hair, abdominal distention with visible veins, etc. In addition, there are specific symptoms ceosed by different kinds of parasites. For exempie, esceris may leads to itch of esr end nose, and white sopts in the interior side of lips;patients suffering froni piownrm often complain about anus proritos;in tseni asis the white bondshaped proglottides are found in patient’s feces; patients with ancylnstomiasis usually look sallow and cmacited and have peroxie.
Parasite expelling therapy ahoold he osed to treet parositosis. The commonly used herbs for composing the formulae are black plom, chinabcrry bark, qoisqoalis fruit, areca seed, tnrreya seed and so on.
For the different syndromes of perasitosis, different herbs should be combined. For instance, the cold syndrome can be treated in combination with dry gin ger, pricklyash peel and asarom herb for warming the middle to dispel cold; the heat syndrome can be treated in combination of coptis root end phellodendron bark for clearing away heat; the miscellanenos syndrome of cold and heat can be treated by applying beth cold-natured herbs (such as eoptis rot end phellodepdrnn hark) end hot-riot ured herbs (such as dry ginger and prepared aconitc lateral root) ; if the parasitosis is complicated by malnutrition doe to failure of the spleen in transporting, then hawthorn fruit, medicated leaven and germinated barley can he used to promote digestion and to clear stasis while nutmeg and aocklandie root can be combined to regulate qi and awake the splcen;if parasitosis is complicated by deficiency of the spleen qi, then pilose aaiabell root, bigheed atractylodes rhizo333
mc and poria could he added to tonify the spleen qi The representative formulae are Black Plum Pills,Bahy Nourishing Pills, etc.
Several points uf attention should be paid when taking parasite expelling decoction. (1)Decoction should he taken before meal and high fat food should be prohibited; (2)Some parasite expelling herbs contain toxicity, so caution should he paid to the dosage. Over—dose may injure the genuine qi or cause intoxication, contrarly less dose may hardly work; (3)Sonie parssite expelling herbs have par gative effect so they should he applied cautiously to, or contraindicatecl to, senile arid weak patients and pregnant woman; (4) For eases with deficiency of the spleen and stomach, after taking parasiie-exjielling decoetion, other deeoetiori for regulating and tomifying the spleen and stomach should be taken to deal with problems afterwards; (5)It is advisable to have a feces examination first for those who show the clinical symptoms of parasitism. If eggs are found, then parasite-expelling formulae can be used on basis of syndrome defferentiation. In this fashion, it is possible to get the goal of security and accuracy.
Black Plum Pills
wu rnéi wan
SOURCE: Treatise on Clod-Attack
Black plum 30g
- Assrum herb 3g
Dry ginger 15g
Coptis root 8g
Chinese angelica root 12g
Prepared aeonite lateral root I 5g
Prieklyash peel lOg
Cassia twig 12g
Ginseng 12g
Phellodendmon bark .l2g
DIRECTIOI\S:Soaked rhe black plums in 5O vinegar for 24 hours, then re move its kernel, mix with other herbs. Then they are dried by baking or in the sun and ground into powder whteh is then mixed with honey and made into pills., take 9 gram of this pills each time, once or three times a day, with warm water before meal. Or Deeoet the above herbs in water for oral administraiion.
EFFECTS:Warming the viscera to tnoify deficiency, purging heat to calm as-
INDICATIONS: Cold I,irnhs syndrome doe to ascariasis marked by paroxysmal vexation and vomiting, or vomiting ascaris after meal, cold limbs, abdominal colic. Also chronic dysentery or chronic diarrhea.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:This is a common formula for calming ascaris to stop pain. According to the theory that ascaris will be calmed it encountering the sour flavor, will be subsided if encountering the pungent flavor, and will be expelled if encountering the bitter flavor, black plum act as the main herb to calm ascaris for stopping pain with its sour flavor. As the assistant herbs, bricklyash peel and asarum herb, with their pungent flavor, can warm the viscera, expel cold as well as subside ascaris; cassia twig and prepared aconite lateral root can strengthen the power of warming the interior and dispelling cold; coptis root and phellodendron hark, with their bitter flavor, can purge ascaris and clear away the stomach-heat. Ginseng and Chinese angeliea root act as the adjuvant herbs to reinforce hoth qi and blood. Honey is the dispatcher to harmonize all the components.
In the present clinic, this formula has certain curative effects for hiliary asca— riasis. It can also he applied to chronic dysentery and chronic gastroenteritis pertaining to upper heat and lower cold with deficiency of both qi and blood.
Baby-Nourishing Pills
flu ér wan
SOURCE: Formulae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary
Medicated leaven 300g
Coptis root 300g
Nutmeg 150g
Quisqoalis fruit 150g
Germinated barley isog
Areca seed 50g
Aucklandia root 60g
DIREUI’IONS: Grind the above herbs into fine powder, Then nuix it with fresh pig’s bile and make into pills as weight as 3 gram per pill. Each time, taking one pill dissolved in hot water before meal. For baby below one-year old, the dosage shnold be reduced.
EFFECTS: Destroying parasites and resolving retention, strengthening the spleen and clearing away heat.
INDICATIONS:Parasitism marked by abdominal pain, famished look, emaciation, abdominal distention, fever end halitosis.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a common formula for resolving retention and destroying parasites. Qoisqoulis fruit and ereca seed, as the main herbs, can expel parasites and resolve retention. Coptis root acts as the assistant herb to clear away heat end to purge asceris with its hitter flavor end cold nature. As the edjo vant herbs,medicated leaven and germinated barley arc to resolve retention end to resolve stasis; aocklandia root and nutmeg to strengthen the spleen for stopping diarhea and activate flow of qi fur stopping pain; pig’s bile, in combination with coptis root, can purge the accumulated heat in the liver and stomach.
Modifications in clinic: Coptis root should be removed if without the interior heat ; ginseng and highead atractyindes rhizome could be added if with deficiency of the spleen qi ; rhubarb and onripened bitter orange could be added for constipation. This fnrm ala should not be applied to weak case without parasitism.
Silk Pouch Pills
bñ cIai wan
SOURCE:Modified Pocket Treatise on Pediatric Formulae
Bat dung 60g
Prepared fruit of macrocarpn elm 60g
Quisqualis friat 6Pg
White puria Ibg
Bighead atractylodes rhizome 15g
Ginseng 15g
Licorice 15g
Aloes 15g
DIRECTIONS:Grind the above herbs into fine puwdcr. Take 3 gram of this powder with pork soup each time befure breakfast.
E1?FECTS:Expelling ascaris and tonifying the spleen and stumach for infan tile malnutrition.
INDICATIONS: Infantile malnutrition due to parasite retentiou marked by fe varish body with famished look, thin limbs with distending abdomen, withering hair and lusterless eyesight.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA: This is a common formula fur treating parasite retention with weak constitution. Bat dung, prepared fruit of macroarpn elm and
quisqualis fruit act as the main herbs to expel pearesitcs. As the assistant herbs, ginseng, highead atractylodes rhizome and poria are to reinforce the middle and to strengthen the spleen. Aloes is the adjuvant herb to purge parasites. licorice, as the dispatcher, can reinforce the middlc-qi as well as harmonizing all the compo nents.
Both this formula and Baby Nourishing Pills can treat infantile malnutrition and have the effect of destroying parasites. The former is cooperated by herbs for strengthening the spleen and reinforcing qi, so it is suitable to parasite retention with deficiency of the spleen and stomach; while the latter is emphasized on destroying parasites, so it is more suitable to abdominal pain of the excessive type due to parasite retention.
Anthelmintic Pills
huâ chbng wan
SOURCE: Fornuilae of Peaceful Benevolent Dispensary
Minium powder 150g
Carpesium fruit 150g
Areea seed 150g
Chinaberry bark 150g
Dehydratd alum Fig
DIRECTIONS: Grind the shove herbs into fine powder. ‘Ihen mix it with paste and make into pills. Take 6 gram per time with cocked rice soup. For baby below one year old, 1. 5 gram is enough.
EFFECTS: Destroying and e’xpelling various kinds of intestinal parasites.
INDICATIONS: Paroxysmal abdominal pain, or severe abduminal pain with watery vomiting or vomiting ascaris due to the intestinal parasites.
ANALYSIS OF FORMULA:It is a common furroulu for destroying the various kinds of intestinal parasites. Carpesium friut can expel different parasites. China berry bark can destroy oaearia and pinworm. Areca seed can destroy tenia and fas eiulopsia. Both dehydrated alum and minium powder have the effect of destroying various parasites.
This formula is mainly to destroy parasites. Although minium powder is the siroogest ingredient, its toxicity is also strong. So minium should be used eau tiously and should not be used for a long time.

In summary
There are totally 4 commonly used parasite expelling formulae. Black Plum Pills has the effects of warming the viscera, tonifying the deficiency, expelling cold and ascaris, so it is suitable to cold limbs syndrome due to ascariasis with symptunis of mixed cold and heat conditions as well as such situations as consumptive- thirst, chronic dysentery, stomachache, vomiting pertaining to the mixed cold and heat syndrome. Both Baby-Nourishing Pills and Silk Pouch Pills can he used to treat infantile malnutrition due to parasitism. The former focus on strengthening the spleen, resolving retention, clearing away heat and destroyig parasites, so it is suitable to cases of [he spleen deficiency complicated by stagnated heat. While the latter has the effects of expelling parasites, ronifying the middle and strengthening the spleen for infantile malnutrition, so it is applied to cases of deficiency of both the spleen and the stomach. Anthelmintic Pills is special in expelling and destru ying various intestinal parasites, so it is a common formula for treating different kinds of intestinal parasitism.


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