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Choosing a Weight Loss Diet

by Chris Robertson

Everywhere we turn, we hear that America is the most overweight nation on earth. One look in the mirror tells the majority of us that we could lose a few pounds. Most of us have tried a diet plan - or a dozen of them - only to find that we end up regaining the weight we loss - plus a few pounds. Many times, the problem is that we've chosen the wrong weight loss diet. A successful weight loss diet is one that matches that dieter's preferences and lifestyle, and one that's sustainable over the long term.

When choosing a weight loss diet, it's not only important to choose one that fits your lifestyle. It's also crucial to choose a diet plan that allows you to lose weight while encouraging you to eat a healthy diet that makes you feel good. The fact is that adiet that doesn't leave you feeling great is one that's difficult to sustain. The best diets are those that feel like an easy diet or a fast diet - those where you see quick results without a lot of suffering and deprivation.

The Atkins diet - the grandfather of all low-carb diets - enjoyed a resurgence during the recent low-carb craze. The Atkins diet is base on initially cutting out virtually all carbohydrates, then adding a few grams of carbs until you reach your goal weight. Once you reach your goal, you can increase your carbohydrate intake until you reach the point where you can sustain your goal weight. The drawback with the Atkins diet is that a low-carb diet is hard to sustain, and there are some questions about the long-term health effects of such a diet.

The South Beach diet gained extreme popularity around the same time as the low-carb revolution. The South Beach diet isn't a low-carb diet per se; rather it follow the glycemic index and is based on eating foods that are low on the GI scale.

The Zone diet, which continues to be popular, is based upon controlling the balance of hormones in your body. It does so by balancing proportions of different food groups, and eating certain food groups together. The Zone's philosophy is that the key to successful weight loss is balancing insulin, which can be achieved by reducing carbohydrate intake and emphasizing low-fat proteins and monsaturated fats.

The Isagenix diet involves a total body cleanse. In the pre-cleanse phase, Isagenex shakes and soups are used to replace two meals a day. During two cleanse days, a special drink is ingested four times each day, and Isagenix snacks are eaten up to six times each day. For the rest of the week, two servings of shake or soup replace two of your three meals. This is followed by two additional cleanse days. Those on the Isagenix weight loss diet typically find it to be a fast diet that produces significant weight loss.

About the Author

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.

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