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Indian God Lotion (Spray)


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Indian God Lotion



Indian God Spray uses the most effective herb for premature ejaculation on the market today, Raduc asari (Manchurian wildginger, herba asari, and asarum).


Indian God Spray is used for:

• extending your sexual performance up to 2.7 times (according to research studies)

• increase stamina during sexual intercourse

• ensure a satisfying erection

• reverse the problem of premature ejaculation


Indian God Oil

Is another name for this product.


It is not greasy, yet can be called Indian God lotion or cream. The alcohol in the product helps the herb penetrate directly into the head of the penis.


Indian God Spray for premature ejaculation comes in an attractive pocket pack size for absolute discretion. Spray it on directly onto the penis head before intercourse. Product has been tested in China officially at a major hospital and university and deemed to be safe by all researchers and doctors involved in the study.


The product works by decreasing the sensitivity of the nerves on the head of the penis, which is one of the root causes of premature ejaculation. Contains enough sprays for 16 applications. Determine for yourself if your intercourse is equivalent to Indian god sex.



  1. Remove cap from bottle. Spray a thin coverage of the product on the head of the penis. Rub in.

  2. Wait 30-60 minutes before having intercourse.

  3. Wipe off any product residuals on the penis before intercourse.

  4. You may apply one additional application prior to intercourse but may not need to.


Indian God Spray does not cause vaginal burning or irritation. Will not numb your sensation during sex to the point where you cannot perform; on the contrary, it will bring your sensitivity into the ‘normal’ range, eliminating hypersensitivity causing premature ejaculation.




• Raduc Asari (Manchurian wildginger, asarum, Herba asari, Asarum mandshuricum) 0.2%

• Alcohol 70%

• Water 29.5

• Perfume 0.3%


Indian God Lotion/Spray Side Effects


Allergic dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis are common adverse events associated with traditional Chinese medicines. This is why dermatologists regard traditional Chinese medicines as critical allergens.


However, in one study of different herbs such as the one found in Indian god oil, Indian lotion and Indian god spray, a patch test of different traditional Chinese herbs for contact sensitivity was done on 25 individuals. Only one individual had a contact dermatitis reaction to Herba asari.


Other herbs used in other desensitizing creams for premature ejaculation had a contact sensitization of rate of 40-60% with volunteers in the study.  This makes Indian god spray the best product for premature ejaculation when it comes to avoiding contact dermatitis. However, you should use common sense; if you’re sensitive to any ingredient, the product is not for you.


Safety Profile of Indian God Lotion/Spray for Sale

Aristolochic acid (AA) is a constituent of some Chinese herbs. Some Chinese herbal formulas may be adulterated by herbs suspected of containing AA as well.  Animal tests show that AA can cause chronic kidney disease or cancer.


Because of these studies, all AA-containing products in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and Taiwan were prohibited. Interestingly, the Bureau of Food and Drug Analysis in Taiwan monitors AA-containing herbal products in the market for the presence of AA. Herba asari (rhizomes) called Xixin, is banned as a substitute for AA-containing herbs in mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea because of this ruling – and the potential for toxicity. However, there are ways for manufacturers of desensitizing lotions to decrease the toxicity of AA during preparation.


In one 2010 study of aristolochic acid in Herba asari, the contents of aristolochic acid A in the herb samples from the market fluctuated from 3.1-26.6 mcg/gm, with only 3 of 11 samples were within the government guidelines for the toxin. Among 15 samples of Chinese medicines on the other hand, only one sample contained AA.


Part of the problem of potential contamination with AA is that the wrong herb is used and named Herba asari. If Asarum campaniflorum is used instead of Xixin (Asari radix et rhizoma), that’s where the problem comes in. Xixin is a nickname for Herba asari as well. The aerial and underground parts of Asarum campaniflorum contain up to four different AAs while none were found in Asarum mandshuricum.


It’s the A. campaniflorum that has the risk of causing chronic kidney disease, not the correct species. This should relieve your worry about whether or not you have the best desensitizing spray for premature ejaculation; simply ask the company for verification that the correct herb was used.


Safrole is found in a variety of spices and herbs, including Xi xin.  Herba asari also contains safrole-2’3’-oxide, a reactive metabolite of the liver carcinogen called safrole. But again, when considering any prolong ejaculation spray or prolong ejaculation gel to purchase, know the facts. Yes, safrole and methyleugenol are main volatile oils of Xixin, Manchurian wildginger and Asarum species. And some people may try to avoid them because of this.


However, Swiss researchers discovered that you can avoid the liver carcinogen part of it and genotoxicity by scrutinizing the way the herbs are prepared. By decocting the herb for one hour, more than 92% of the safrole was eliminated - down to negligible amounts – and methyleugenol decreased substantially as well. This effectively reduced any potential safety issue. It’s another question you can ask the company in regards to how they created their premature ejaculation creams and sprays.


The root portion of Herba asari was recommended for prescription as a decoction instead of grinding it into powder for oral administration (as in some premature ejaculation pills in India) due to the aristocholic acid content. However, when tested, all the extracts contained negligible amounts of AA.


Indian God Lotion Reviews

Reviews discuss personal testimonies about Indian God spray without citing actual research on the product. You’ll find the bona fide research study that was done on Indian god lotion here on this page and can determine for yourself whether or not Indian god lotion/spray should be considered the best desensitizing cream for premature ejaculation or not.


Other reviews show medical misinformation, for example that the herb only shows up on sites promoting the product. In reality, the herb has more than 40 medical citations on it in the PubMed database under one of its names; and 100 medical citations under another name. Herbs usually have multiple names that are associated with them.


Reviews may be down on the product because one of its ingredients is perfume. They don’t mention that it’s at the level of 0.3%, not even 0.5% or 1% or 10%. In the primary study on the product, the product was washed off the penis prior to intercourse, so there is no chance that your partner will be ‘bothered’ by any possible aftertastes.


Another source of misinformation in reviews is reporting that you need a full 60 minutes between application and intercourse. Thirty minutes is sufficient, and the time may vary between individuals.


Other reviews blame men for not controlling their orgasms; not understanding the whole medical side of premature ejaculation (see below).


Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Premature ejaculation has a high prevalence rate of up to 30%, making it a very common male sexual dysfunction. It’s not only a physical problem with health, as both partners in a relationship will start to have psychological issues of decreased sexual confidence, self-esteem and lowered quality of life.


Premature ejaculation could be lifelong, starting at the first sexual encounter, and is called primary premature ejaculation. It’s called secondary premature ejaculation if it occurs later on in life.


Primary premature ejaculation is a complicated problem and can be influenced by psychosocial factors. This is why the best therapy may be one that combines psychosocial (behavioral) and pharmacological therapy. The behavioral therapy could be the Masters and Johnson “squeeze” technique or the Semans “stop-start program” but these do take time to master.


Desensitization training therapy became automated over time, utilizing a machine that simulates the penis with a small stimulation to the point just before ejaculation and then stops. When the sensation subsides, the stimulus starts again. The patient develops ejaculation control over longer periods of time. Treatment is given three times a week.


However, in primary premature ejaculation, there’s a hypersensitivity and hyperexcitability of the head of the penis that corresponds to an abnormal distribution of nerves to the penis, which ends up shortening the time it takes to ejaculate. Men with primary premature ejaculation often have other abnormal nervous system reflex pathways for ejaculation, scientists have discovered. Thus, reducing the hypersensitivity should be quite effective for the treatment.


Long before drugs came on the scene for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men, herbs were used by Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Many herbs can numb an area of the body and cause vasodilation or increased blood flow. In Japan, Radix aconiti was used when patients felt cold hands and feet because it could cause vasodilation. The herb did this through the nitric oxide system.


This is relevant because nitric oxide may be an important neurotransmitter involved in the control of ejaculation. Herba asari (Xixin) is an herb traditionally used in Korea and China for gingivitis and toothache because it has local anesthetic properties. Cloves is another herb used to treat erectile dysfunction but it has a different mechanism of action. Its ingredients relax the corpus cavernosum, the tissue that makes up the bulk of the penis.


Herba asari is rich in volatile oils. It contains methyl eugenol and safrole that have local anesthetic and analgesic effects. Methyl eugenol is an effective local anesthetic and analgesic, according to a research study published in the Acta Pharmacol Sin journal in July 2015. It prevents the transmission of peripheral nerve impulses via their binding to sodium channels in a dose-dependent way.


The herb is also anti-inflammatory but these types of effects will not help premature ejaculation in any way.


Research Studies

The most relevant study on the herb used in Indian god lotion / “God spray” / Indian god oil was performed at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China and reported in the medical journals in 2017. Scientists used three different types of therapies for premature ejaculation and compared the results. All three were a type of desensitizing spray for premature ejaculation.


The study involved 86 men between the ages of 21 and 38 who had been in a stable, monogamous, heterosexual relationship and had regular intercourse at least twice a week. They had primary premature ejaculation and usually ejaculated before two minutes had passed during intercourse.


The men received and used one of the following treatments without the use of a condom:  a Traditional Chinese Medicine 8-herb combination spray (Herba asari, cloves, Radix aconite, Galla chinensis, Fructus rosae laevigatae, Fructus rubi, Ootheca mantidid, and Pericarpium zanthoxyli), a spray with Herba asari as the only herb ingredient, or both of the treatments together for six weeks to desensitize the penis head. Both pre ejaculation sprays were alcohol extracts and were applied 30 minutes before intercourse and washed off immediately before intercourse.


The clinical efficacy was highest in the group receiving both preejaculation spray treatments (89.7%) and 67.9% in the Herba asari group while the traditional Chinese Medicine group had the lowest efficacy at 65.5%. The ejaculation time increased from1.16 minutes to 3.14 minutes in the spray for premature ejacualation in India group, helping the men last 2.7 times longer during sex. This finding right here makes the product the best premature ejaculation spray on the market for single herbs.


The ejaculation time increased from 1.15 minutes to 2.99 minutes in the Traditional Chinese medicine group and from 1.13 minutes to 4.36 minutes in the combination group (proving it met criteria that would match what men were looking for regarding products to prolong ejaculation. The desensitizing spray for premature ejaculation plus the other product together helped the men last 3.85 times longer). Overall sexual function test scores doubled in all groups and were considered significant.


No side effects occurred except a slight burning sensation that was tolerable; however the researchers noted that the treatments should not be used for those who are sensitive to alcohol. The sprays were considered safe.


Topical agents used in other desensitizing creams for premature ejaculation or an erect cure sprays to decrease the sensitivity of the penis head have common side effects including pain, burning, delayed ejaculation and loss of sensation of the penis. These agents must also be wiped off so as not to cause decreased vaginal sensitivity of the partner.



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