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Dragon Power Sexual pills


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Dragon Power Sexual pills, 120 pills

This capsule is a powerful sexual stimulant made from several expensive Chinese herbs based on a secret ancient prescription.

It is excellent for cure of declined sexuality, it can lengthen your sexual intercourse time and enhance your pleasure in it.

Dragon Power is all-natural herbal supplement for men. It helps promote men's rejuvenation and let you feel the power of men.

It’s wonderful! It’s marvelous! And it is guaranteed - no any side-effects would happen.


15 pills twice a day when stomach is empty.


Dragon Power ingredients:
Cynomorium Songaricum Rupr (Herba Cinomorii stem)

Tuberonion Seed (Allium tuberosum rottler)

Epimedii Stem (Epimediumgrandiflorum morr)

Ginseng Root (Panax Ginseng)

Peony Root (Peonia lactiflora pall)

Tangkwei Root (Angelica sinensis)

Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza urelensis fisch)


To get best results you should take the tablets for a few weeks. The minimum recommended order is 3 bottles.


It is recommended that consumer ceases to take the medicine temporarily in the event of sore throat, cold and cough.

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