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Anti-aging Tablets (Ching Chun Bao)


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Anti-Aging tabs , 80 tablets

Anti-aging Tablets (Ching Chun Bao)

Just as its name implies, Ching Chun Bao anti-aging tablets are herbal remedy with a distinctive effect on the maintenance of youth and the delay of aging.


Composed purely of Chinese medicines, this remedy was formerly an imperial nostrum of the Yongle Imperial Hospital of the Ming Dynasty of China. After taking this remedy, Ming Cheng Zu (the 3rd emperor of the Ming Dynasty) greatly appreciated its outstanding effect and specially designated it as "prolonging life and maintaining youth forever".

The original formula of Ching Chun Bao has just been rediscovered in recent years.

The excellent properties of Ching Chun Bao have further been confirmed by clinical tests. They have proved the excellent effects of Ching Chun Bao for middle-aged and old persons.


The tests showed an increased sense of youthfulness when people took this remedy for two to three months. Their vigor, strength, memory, and thinking improved as if they were a dozen years younger. This is suggests the excellent effect of Ching Chun Bao on the promotion of endocrine production.

Ching Chun Bao anti-aging tablets take effect only when a user persists in taking it for two to three months. We suggest to order 4-6 bottles.


  • Strengthening the brain, enhancing memory and the ability to analyze problems, promoting good sleep, decreasing bad dreams and improving health and vigor
  • Helping fight fatigue.  Extending the time for doing work effectively, keeping the user full of strength and enhance his or her resistance against chills and sweltering heat
  • Postponing the arrival of age critique and removing affections and sufferings owing to age critique.
  • Preserving and resuming sexual function, preventing muscles and skin from flaccidity and postponing and reducing the growth of grey hair
  • Enabling adult to maintain their exuberant vigor and preventing premature senility.
  • Enhancing immunity, promoting the strength of immune system cells
  • Preventative effect on can­cers and other diseases
  • Improving the function of the heart, nutrition of cardiac muscle, delaying or preventing coronary heart disease as well as reducing blood fat (bad cholesterol)
  • Preventing vascular sclerosis


Package 80 tabIets/bottle.

Dosage Twice a day and 3 to 5 tablet each time.


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