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Aerobic Oxygen Drops

What are Aerobic Oxygen Drops (Liquid Oxygen Drops)?

Aerobic Oxygen Drops (Liquid oxygen drops), 60 ml/2 oz is a dietary supplement that is consumed orally for the purpose of raising the oxygen level in the body. It contains a stabilized form of oxygen, ionized purified water and a small amount of sodium chloride (17.6 mcg). This liquid concentrate is easily consumed in water or in fruit juice or even straight from the bottle.


What Exactly is Aerobic Oxygen?

Aerobic Oxygen drops are a way for you to oxygenate the cells in the body. It’s a way to neutralize some of the effects of stress on the body, which consumes oxygen.


Science of Aerobic Oxygen Drops

Lack of Oxygen Affects the Immune System

Every cell in the body needs oxygen for life and energy. When there is insufficient oxygen to support a healthy cell, the cell’s metabolism turns to sugar metabolism, which creates metabolic distress. In time, the cells become unhealthy, susceptible to viruses, bacteria and Candida invasion. Cancer and all chronic diseases can easily set in.


When there’s enough oxygen in the cells, pathogenic anaerobic bacteria cannot multiply, grow or survive. When levels of oxygen are higher in the cells, the oxygen can destroy the harmful bacteria while leaving the symbiotic aerobic bacteria – the probiotics – alone. These probiotics love oxygen and are not destroyed – and they are essential for good health.


Free radicals are formed in the body on a daily basis plus formed excessively as a response to alcohol, smoking, exposure to pollution, and other poor health / lifestyle habits. Some free radicals are good to have in the body, as they fight against infections, but an overabundance of them contributes to aging, oxidation, and is responsible for advancing the progression of chronic diseases.


How Do Our Levels of Oxygen Dwindle?

Oxygen depletors are everywhere around us in our environment, and they may also be aggravated by bad lifestyle habits. Poor eating habits leads to dietary nutrient deficiencies, which run metabolic programs that lack oxygen or use up antioxidants so oxygen is degraded at faster rates. An excess of acidic foods such as red meat, coffee, soda pop, and foods contaminated with chemicals and preservatives cause the production of excess hydrogen ions that reduce the amount of oxygen present for metabolism and body biochemistry.


Emotional stress causes the production of stress hormones, which use up oxygen in the body. Physical stress induced by trauma or injury, often results in reduced circulation, and thus reduced oxygen levels in some parts of the body.


Air pollution, the use of street drugs and some medications, lack of exercise and alcohol consumption can easily deprive the cells of oxygen. Soon, the immune system becomes weakened.


Bad Things Happen When Oxygen Levels Fall

Damage to the body occurs when there is hypoxia (low levels of oxygen). Low oxygen in the heart leads to heart failure, as oxygen is the heart’s primary fuel. Digestive disorders can easily occur when oxygen levels drop, and overgrowth of Candida albicans or fungal infections can occur. Yeast cells generate large quantities of acetaldehyde, which accumulate and cause cell damage.


Amazing Connection of Oxygen and Cancer Discovered

Hypoxia makes it easy for cancer cells to grow in the body. Dr. Otto Warburg, a researcher in the scientific field, discovered that a high oxygen environment can inhibit cancer cell growth. Since this medical revelation, other scientists and doctors have confirmed that by raising oxygen levels in the body, many health conditions can be improved.


In fact, doctors in Russia have been using hyperbaric oxygen tank treatments for patients with many diseases for decades as a big part of their protocol for healing. Doctors in the U.S. have only recently added hyperbaric oxygen treatments to their protocols for Lyme disease, autism, heart disease, infections, diabetes, neurological disorders, and even anti-aging; however, it is usually only the integrative care or alternative healing doctors that can offer these services. Regular insurance coverage may not include the oxygen treatment and paying out of pocket is often out of the question for patients.


Aerobic oxygen™ is a cost-effective liquid concentrate of non-toxic, stabilized electrolytes of oxygen in molecular form. It helps raise the oxygen levels in the bloodstream to a higher level where the body can heal itself. It can help get the body back to placing its attention on healing.


History of Oxygen Use in Medical Therapy

Aerobic oxygen reviews from practitioners in health care and researchers have included the following observations:

  1. Sore throats, ulcers and kidney infections all benefitted from using Aerobic Oxygen™. Side effects were not seen.

  2. Viral and bacterial infections were resolved quickly with Aerobic Oxygen™.

  3. For Candidiasis, 20 drops of Aerobic Oxygen in Aloe vera three times daily over time will clear up the problem.

  4. Under light microscopy, sometimes one will see clumping of the red blood cells. This is a condition tied to stress, high electromagnetic fields, and different types of disease. Adding 20-30 drops of Aerobic Oxygen into a glass of water can separate the red blood cells from the clump in a little over one hour.

  5. After a heart attack, Aerobic Oxygen™ liquid drops can prevent heart damage because oxygen is a nutrient the heart requires.

  6. Aerobic Oxygen liquid drops stopped epileptic seizures.

  7. The liquid drops, when given to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, greatly assisted them in their thinking processes and behavior.

  8. Cancer cells did not grow in the presence of oxygen.

  9. Emphysema patients given 20 drops Aerobic Oxygen in a glass of water three times daily for three days started showing signs of clearing bronchial infections and chronic sinus infections.

  10. Several days of use of Aerobic Oxygen allowed at least one patient who was using an oxygen tank to discontinue the oxygen tank.

  11. Aerobic Oxygen was added to water containing chlorine and the chlorine disappeared, along with the infectious bacteria that were also in the water.

  12. Dentists mix up a 30% Aerobic Oxygen/70% saline solution to inject into infected gums before surgery to reduce the possibility of spreading the infections and eliminating them in the gums. They use a 100% Aerobic Oxygen solution after drilling to prevent infection.

  13. Some clinics use Aerobic Oxygen (30%) plus Saline (70%) intravenously for the treatment of cancer and leukemia. Others use this same recipe as a protocol for infectious diseases.

  14. Asthma is relieved by Aerobic Oxygen therapy. Aerobic respiration requires the use of oxygen to generate ATP

Studies on the Importance of Oxygen for the Body

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) is widely used as an adjunctive treatment for various pathological states, predominantly related to hypoxic and/or ischemic conditions. It also holds promise as an approach to overcoming the problem of oxygen deficiency in the poorly oxygenated parts of tumorous tissue, Polish researchers report.

Not having enough oxygen in the tumors is one of the major issues that makes medical treatment ineffective. Low levels of oxygen is exactly what tumors need to grow and spread in the body.


Raising oxygen levels has been found in veterinary medicine to be an effective treatment or adjunct therapy for a variety of disorders.


FAQ About Aerobic Oxygen Drops

Q:  Do liquid oxygen drops work? Can I count on Aerobic 07 Stabilized oxygen to cure my disease?

A: Liquid oxygen drops work and do what they are supposed to do.  Should you count on curing your disease with stabilized oxygen drops? No, never. Oxygen is the #1 nutrient your body needs and you are simply replacing oxygen in the body, raising your levels. What happens next in the body is up to your body.


Q: Can I expect oxygen liquid drops to purify water?

A: For a long time, people have used stabilized oxygen water purification drops as a method of purifying their water. It’s another application of liquid oxygen drops uses. It works because deadly and pathological microbes, bacteria and parasites die when exposed to higher levels of oxygen. One of the benefits of liquid oxygen drops is to use the O2 oxygen drops in water that is stored for emergency use.  


When you use oxygen water drops in water to purify the water, it’s called aerobic oxygen water treatment.


Q: Can I expect liquid oxygen drops benefits for eye situations?

A: Although we cannot make any statements on our site that oxygen drops benefits will help any disease, what we can say is that oxygen eye drops could potentially deliver more oxygen to the eyes, and if there are pathological microbes, bacteria and parasites there in the eye, you might see improvement based on how oxygen works.

Q: Is liquid oxygen drops the same thing as hydrogen peroxide?

A:  No. Hydrogen peroxide is a totally different compound than oxygen drops. Pure oxygen liquid drops are oxygen plus electrolyte and sodium chloride that releases pure oxygen, called nascent oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide releases this nascent oxygen too quickly for it to be of long-term benefit in the body.


Q: Should I be concerned about the sodium in the product?

A: The amount of sodium in the product is not an amount that causes harm in any way. The amount of sodium in most people’s diet ranges from 3000 mg to 5000 mg daily. Doctors often reduce the level of sodium to 2000 mg daily if a patient has high blood pressure.


If we take the lowest recommended amount of sodium and compare the amount of sodium in the product, we see that 17.6 mcg times three servings per day equals 52.8 mcg compared to 20000 mcg in a low sodium diet. This amount is less than 1% of the total intake of sodium that would be consumed in diet.


Q: Can I use liquid oxygen drops for cancer?

A: All supplements you take should be reviewed by your health care practitioner that is treating you. It’s possible that you may want to bring in a liquid oxygen drops review from the internet so he could read up on it. Otherwise, he could think it’s a liquid oxygen drops scam.

Q: Where does the oxygen for aerobic respiration come from?

Glucose and oxygen from the air you breathe start a reaction that occurs in the cells. The result is carbon dioxide and water plus energy.

Q: What exactly is hypoxia and is it really that dangerous for people?

A: Hypoxia is oxygen levels in the blood that are below normal. Oxygen levels in the blood are measured in the arteries. All organs and tissues in the body need oxygen.

Q: What happens if your oxygen level drops below 90?

When oxygen levels are low, you may feel symptoms such as these:

• choking sensation in the throat

• wheezing

• coughing

• skin appears bluish

• while resting, you are out of breath

• after exercising, you are seriously out of breath

• waking up out of breath

Q: What happens when your oxygen level drops to 80?

The symptoms are similar to the above question.

Q: What happens when your oxygen level drops to 60?

When your oxygen level falls below 60, this needs that you need supplemental oxygen - fast. However, any level under 90 needs to be raised!


Q: Is it true that oxygen saturation drops when lying down?

Yes, oxygen level drops when lying down. This makes sense because your breathing rate is lower while lying down. Your entire lung is not needed for the breathing process. Your oxygen saturation levels are about 6% less than when breathing room air. The same thing happens when you sleep – oxygen saturation drops during sleep.


Oxygen saturation level drops when walking and while standing as well as while exercising.


Aerobic 07 Stabilized Oxygen Side Effects

Aerobic 07 Stabilized oxygen is another name for Aerobic Oxygen. There are no Aerobic 07 Stabilized Oxygen side effects. By the way, you can google Aerobic 07 stabilized oxygen reviews to read all about what people are saying about stabilized liquid oxygen drops. Always use the best liquid oxygen drops you can get. Test them out to see which works best for you.


How to Take Aerobic Oxygen Drops


When you take Aerobic Oxygen liquid drops, the digestive enzymes and acids in the stomach release the oxygen molecules. The oxygen then diffuses into all the tissues of the body.


The best way to take the product is to mix 20 drops Aerobic Oxygen in an 8 ounce glass of water or juice and drink. Do this three times daily. Some physicians recommend up to 200 drops daily.



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Medical Disclaimer

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