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Wild Oregano Oil


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Oil of Wild Oregano, 100% Certified Organic. Over 80% Carvacrol, 1oz

How to use oil of wild Oregano

Protect yourself and your family!
New antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria are getting out of control. New epidemics such as ebola and flesh eating disease are on the rise. Our air, water and food supplies are all carrying potential pathogens: contaminated meat, mad cow disease, salmonella and e-coli bacteria in chicken, parasites in sushi, giardia, cryptosporidium and other parasites in our water supplies.

An age-old remedy, Oil of Oregano, has been scientifically researched and proven to be one of the strongest and most effective broad spectrum antibiotics known to man.
It is natural and safe to use. It will not create more mutant strains of bacteria. It effectively kills bacteria of every variety using only tiny amounts. It is also effective against fungus, parasites and viruses. It can be used externally and internally. There are no negative side effects. You need no prescription. It does not cost a fortune!
Is the potency of your oil standardized?
Sometimes we are asked if our Oil of Oregano is standardized. We can proudly say “No, it is not and never will be.” Why? Because standardization involves alteration or adulteration and in the case of Oregano essential oil this does not benefit the consumer. Let us explain. A lot of research has been done on Oregano and its chief chemical constituent, a phenol called Carvacrol – a very powerful antiseptic. Oregano oil contains 3 other main classes of chemicals which act synergistically to provide the antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-venom and antiparasitic qualities of Oregano oil. As powerful as Carvacrol is, it does not act on its own. This has been proven in lab testing. Pure Carvacrol is only half as effective as pure Oregano oil in inhibiting fungal and bacterial growth. In order to standardize Oregano oil, something has to be added or taken away. Carvacrol has been chosen as the ingredient to standardize. Carvacrol levels can be increased by adding Carvacrol to the water during distillation or afterwards to the oil or by fractionating the essential oil after distillation by “boiling off” other natural components of the oil to make the Carvacrol percentage higher in relation to what is left. In both cases the natural synergy of active constituents in the oil is put out of balance without any thought of the effect that this will have on the properties of the end product. In fractionation, whole parts of the Oregano plant's makeup are removed in ignorance of their function! We would rather put our trust in the recipe designed by Mother Nature. However our wild oregano oil has 86% of Carvacrol vs. highly over claimed P73 formula which has only 62%.

Chemistry and Potency of Oregano Oil
Oregano oil contains four main groups of chemicals that contribute to its potent healing powers. Phenols, such as carvacrol and thymol, act as antiseptics and antioxidants, while terpenes, which include pinene and terpinene, exhibit antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Linalool and bonreol are two long-chain alcohols found in oregano oil, which add to the antiviral and antiseptic qualities. Esters are potent antifungal agents. Two that are found in abundance in oregano oil are linalyl acetate and geranyl acetate.
Although there is a combined effect of the many significant compounds found in oregano oil, its effectiveness is largely attributed to its primary ingredient, a phenol named carvacrol. When lab tested, carvacrol was found to be one of the most potent antibiotics known to science.1 In tests done at Georgetown University, it was found to be more effective than penicillin, streptomycin and even vancomycin (considered to be the strongest of all antibiotics). Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, oregano oil does not create resistant strains of mutant bacteria. It is able to naturally, and effectively, eliminate any pathogen that is unfortunate enough to cross its path.

Oregano Oil Properties:

Immune Stimulant
As an immune system booster, oregano is unparalleled in the plant kingdom. It is many times stronger than echinacea or goldenseal. A couple of drops daily are enough to supercharge your immune system, which is your first and most powerful defense against disease.
Antibiotic and Antiseptic
Tooth and gum infections respond quickly to Oregano Oil, due to its powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The oil is applied directly to the gums. A drop of Oregano Oil on your tooth brush will leave you mouth feeling fresh and clean. Regular treatment will vastly improve oral health and hygiene. Many people suffering from a variety of chronic infections have seen them disappear quickly after using the oil internally and externally.
Food Poisoning
In a recent study, approximately 20 percent of meat samples obtained from grocery stores contained antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Vegetarians can be affected by food poisoning, as well. Salmonella and E. coli have been found on such vegetables as iceberg lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, resulting in food poisoning. Restaurant food is often contaminated due to poor hygiene or improper washing of produce. By using oregano oil daily, you can significantly reduce your chances of being one of the 84 million cases of food poisoning that occur annually in North America.
Oregano oil has been used very successfully in treating viral conditions, such as colds, flu, shingles, herpes and warts. The fact that wild oregano oil can stop a cold or flu if taken at the first sign of symptoms is indicative of its amazing powers.
The aggressive antifungal properties of oregano oil work effectively against stubborn fungal infections such as candida and nail fungus. You may use the oregano oil internally for candida and both externally and internally for nail fungus. Mix a few drops with shampoo to get rid of dandruff or seborrhea, which are caused by fungal infection of the scalp. Take some to the locker room to eradicate athlete’s foot.
Oregano oil is the active person’s best friend due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving action. Used topically, the oil deeply penetrates tissues and, in so doing, brings relief and speeds healing of bruises, torn and sore muscles, sprains, tendonitis, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar injuries. These same properties make it a powerful remedy for arthritis.
Allergies, which are affecting increasing numbers of people, can often be eliminated by the internal use of oregano oil and by breathing the vapors from the oil. In many cases relief occurs quickly.
Among the natural antioxidants, oregano oil is one of the most powerful. It protects cells from free radical damage and in the same way it prolongs the shelf life of foods.
Parasites, such as head lice and scabies, as well as internal parasites, are no match for oregano oil. The oil can be added to soaps, shampoos and diluted in olive oil for topical applications. By taking a few drops daily under the tongue, one can gain protection from water-borne parasites, such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Internal dosages also are effective in killing parasites and flukes in the body.
Oregano oil is capable of neutralizing venomous bites, making it invaluable as an effective first aid treatment for bites of all varieties, including bees, snakes and spiders. Oregano oil is also useful for preventing infection from animal bites and other puncture wounds. It reduces inflammation and its anesthetic properties relieve the pain associated with bites and stings after topical application.
Blood Oxygen Levels
Many people suffer symptoms related to poor oxygen absorption in the blood. Their cells are starved for oxygen feel the effects as fatigue. Oregano oil used internally and externally increases oxygen absorption in the blood. Many people note increased energy after taking oregano oil.
Bacteria, viruses and fungi are able to change form in the body as a result of changing chemistry within the body. This is known as pleomorphism. Think of it as shape shifting. Oregano oil is deadly to all types of pathogens; it can continue to be effective, no matter whatever form they assume.

Oregano Oil Applications:
Oil of Oregano will kill any kind of "germ". Proof of this statement can be found in the Quarterly Review of Biology, March 1998 and the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, June 1977.
Immune system stimulant
Oregano oil has been proven in European studies to be a potent immune booster. Compared to plants such as echinacea and goldenseal, Wild Oil of Oregano is by far the most effective in boosting the body's natural immunity. Use 1-3 drops 3x a day to supercharge your immune system and maintain good health.
Anti-inflammatory and analgesic/anesthetic (Pain reliever)
Oil of Oregano is an athlete's best friend due to its anti-inflammatory and anesthetic action. Applied externally, the oil deeply penetrates tissues and in so doing, brings relief and speeds healing and reduces the pain of bruises, sprains, torn and sore muscles, tendonitis, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar injuries.
Arthritis responds well to this treatment. For topical use you may use it straight from the bottle. For people with sensitive skin you may dilute it by adding 3-5 drops of olive oil or carrier oil to 1 drop of Wild Oil of Oregano. Avoid eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive skin areas. Pain relief and added relief from arthritis, bursitis and other inflammatory conditions may be improved by also taking Oregano oil internally.
Candida is a fungus that infects millions of people. Wild Oil of Oregano contains powerful antifungal agents that eliminate Candida effectively and safely. Take 1-3 drops under the tongue or with juice 3 times daily. Continue the treatment for as long as necessary. Avoid foods that contain sugar and refined flour as these feed the Candida. Be sure to drink 8-12 glasses of pure spring water daily to help flush toxins out of your body. These toxins are generated when the Candida dies from coming in contact with the Oregano oil. Prolonged treatment and more aggressive dosages may be required.
Nail fungus, which is particularly stubborn and hard to get rid of has a powerful enemy in Oregano oil. Wash and dry the nails. Soak them with the Wild Oil of Oregano twice daily. Take 1-3 drops of the Oil of Oregano 3 times daily. Continue treatment for 6 months.Nail fungus is usually a result of Candida infection in the blood. See above. Drink 8-12 glasses of pure spring water daily to flush toxins from the blood.
Athlete's foot: Oregano oil's effectiveness in fighting fungal infections such as athlete's foot make it a must in the locker room. Apply the oil topically to the feet after showering and before bed..
Among the natural antioxidants, oregano oil is one of the most powerful. It protects cells from free radical damage in the same way it prolongs the shelf life of foods. Take a few drops daily under the tongue to slow the effects of aging and maintain healthy cell structure.
Head lice and scabies: Parasites such as head lice and scabies are no match for Oregano oil's powerful antiparasitic properties. Add a few drops to a tablespoon of shampoo to wash hair and scalp. Add a couple of drops to a tablespoon of vegetable oil to apply to hair after shampoo or to other affected areas. Add a dropperfull to laundry soap to disinfect clothes.
Cryptosporidium, giardia etc.: Add a drop to water that may be unsafe to protect yourself from parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia as well as bacterial infection. Take 1-3 drops up to 3 times a day to clear yourself of parasites.
Wild Oil of Oregano has been laboratory tested and proven to be as strong as pharmaceutical antibiotics with none of the associated hazards. Use it topically and internally for any kind of infection.
Bedsores: Apply topically to affected area to speed healing and reduce discomfort.
Burns, Cuts and Scrapes: Apply the oil topically immediately to clean and reduce pain in the wound. Quick application may prevent blistering and scarring from light burns and will prevent infection and speed rapid skin recovery in all wounds.
Teeth and Gums: Oregano oil gives effective relief to toothaches by killing the bacteria causing the pain. Apply the oil directly to the infected tooth. Gum disease can be halted by using Wild Oil of Oregano in the mouth. The oil may be applied to infected gums with a clean finger, Q-tip or a drop can be placed on your toothbrush before brushing the teeth. Regular treatment will vastly improve oral health and hygiene.
Food poisoning
In a recent study about 20% of meat samples obtained from grocery stores contained antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Vegetarians can be affected by food poisoning as well. Salmonella and E. coli have been found on such vegetables as iceberg lettuce and alfalfa sprouts, resulting in food poisoning. Restaurant foods may often be contaminated due to poor hygiene of employees or lack of proper washing of the produce After dining, take 3-5 drops of Oregano oil as a preventative. If symptoms occur, take 3 drops hourly for up to 10 hours or until symptoms disappear.
Natural antibiotics like Oil of Oregano do not induce antibiotic resistance as do the patented antibiotic drugs. Use Oil of Oregano to boost your immune system and to kill off unfriendly bacteria. This natural remedy provides defense against biological toxins.
Colds, flu, shingles and herpes:
Use daily to maintain a strong immune system and to weaken the virus. At the first sign of a viral infection such as colds, flu, herpes, shingles etc., take 2-5 drops immediately and continue at a maximum of 3 drops per hour for a maximum of 10 hours. In the case of herpes or shingles, in addition, it is best to apply the oil directly to the spot where tingling may be felt before an outbreak. This will often prevent the outbreak. Due to the heat sensation, oil of oregano should not be used on sensitive skin areas or mucous membranes. Do not use in vagina or anus unless it is very well diluted by adding a drop or two of wild Oil of Oregano to a tablespoon of olive oil. Then test with a small amount first.
When treated at the first sign of symptoms, most viral conditions will be rendered harmless.
Warts can be treated by applying the Oil of Oregano directly to the wart with cotton wool. It is best to leave the soaked cotton on the wart as long as possible by taping with adhesive. Repeat this 2 or 3 times a day and take 3 drops under the tongue three times a day for a few months. Planter's warts can be successfully removed in a few days by applying the oil directly to the wart several times daily. It may help to break the surface of the skin to allow the oil to penetrate to the root of the wart.
Oregano oil is capable of neutralizing venomous bites, making it invaluable in the wilderness or when traveling abroad. It's an effective first aid treatment for venomous bites of all varieties including bees, snakes and spiders. Oregano oil is also useful for preventing infection from animal bites and other puncture wounds. It reduces inflammation and stops the pain associated with bites and stings. Apply directly to stings or bites. The oil will penetrate into the wound and neutralize toxins and pathogens. Take a few drops internally to amplify the effect.
Wild oil of oregano can be used both internally and externally. The vapors can be inhaled to effectively combat lung complaints and coughs. The oil should be kept away from the eyes and mucous membranes, as well as sensitive skin areas. Children under the age of twelve should not take the oil internally. Children may be treated by diluting the oregano oil in olive oil and rubbing it on the soles of the feet or other areas of the body.
The adage “less is more” applies to the use of oregano oil. Start with minimum amounts to observe the effects prior to taking larger dosages. For internal applications use only the true Mediterranean species of Wild Oregano (origanum vulgare). Other species of Oregano may be ineffective and even dangerous. Many of these oils are mislabeled and, in fact, are not the true Oregano. Full strength (‘neat’) essential oil of Oregano is far too powerful for the internal or even external applications. For your safety, use only a proper blend of Oregano and the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, such as Hedd Wyn Essentials brand.
All of us are completely unique in our body make up. There is no one set dosage that will work for everyone. A trial period may be necessary to determine the optimum dosage level for your particular condition. Listen to your body. It is the best judge. Some people will require less than recommended dosages. Other people will require up to 2 or 3x the recommended dosage. In these cases spread the extra doses over the period of the day rather than taking them all at once. For instance, you would take 3 drops 5 x daily rather than 5 drops 3x daily.
Wild Oil of Oregano is a potent antibiotic and antifungal. When you kill these pathogens, they release toxins into the bloodstream. These toxins can make you feel fatigued or create flu-like or cold-like symtoms and in rare cases skin rashes. This is a sign that your body is trying to detoxify. It is known as a healing crisis or a Herxheimer reaction. You may avoid this kind of discomfort by drinking at least 8 glasses of pure spring water daily in order to flush the toxins from your body. Most people feel better quickly when they first take Oregano oil. However, if you get any of the above symptoms, reduce your consumption of Oregano oil and drink lots of pure, spring water. Once the symptoms have passed you may again increase the dosage.
Nature provided us with a potent remedy for a wide range of afflictions in Wild Oregano herb and oil. It is a natural medicine chest in a bottle. Once you give it a try, it will become your friend for life.

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How to use oil of wild Oregano

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