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Keep Fit Reduce Fat Capsules


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Keep Fit Reduce Fat Capsules, 20 caps

Obesity is a commonly found problem. Obesity reveals a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism in the human body. Carbohydrate catabolism slows down, while the metabolism speeds up. As a result, fat accumulates, making the metabolism unbalanced.


Obesity not only affects the shape of the body, but also causes weariness and lumbago, which are harmful to health. It is possible for any human being, irrespective of gender or age, to suffer from obesity.

Perseverance in taking the capsules enables one to reduce fat and keep in good shape. It stimulates blood circulation and makes one vigorous and healthy by balancing one’s metabolism and reducing weight. It is free from side-effects and is beneficial to longevity.


This product is ideal for reducing fat and weight.

It is effective in reducing fat, stimulating blood circulation, balancing metabolism and enabling one to be strong. Prepared entirely with mid-traditional Chinese medicine. It is free from side-effects. Perseverance in taking the pills for a long period of time enables one to keep in good health and good shape and is beneficial for prolonging life.


As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules each time, twice daily in empty stomach.
Our experience suggests that you may experience positive results within 2 to 3 weeks. Therefore, we recommend a purchase of 3-4 packs.


Caution: Do not use if pregnant.


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