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Flos Magnoliae Liliforae pills

Flos Magnoliae Liliforae is a famous Chinese herb medicine and is found to be specific for rhinology diseases, which are normally caused by polluted air, poor working conditions full of dirty air or stay in environment affected by chemical elements.

Flos Magnoliae Liliforae pills are processed from a few kinds valuable Chinese herb medicines sach as Fructus Xanthil and prove to be effective after years of practical experiment.

Flos Magnoliae Liliforae pills
Flos Magnoliae Liliforae, 120 pills $7.99
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Against inflammation, detoxication, over sensitive nose, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, pure rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, headache, rhinorrhoea, sinusitis, nasal polyp.
As an astringent to protect the nasal mucosa and as a vasodilator and antiphlogistic by improving blood circulation in the nose. Hypotensive.

Flos Magnoliae Liliforae 20%
Fructus Xanthil 15%
Radix Sileris 10%
Herba Pogostemi 10%
Herba Menthae 5%
Folium Perillae Acutae 5%
Herba Centipedae 10%
Isatis Tinctoria L. 15%
Flos Chrysanthemi 10%

3 times a day, 5-8 pills each time, to be taken with lukewarm water.

Caution: Chilli foods, oily or fried foods are not recommended.


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